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"The divides are not Islam and western society, the divide is between people who have different values. We must promote connections between people who want to contribute to human values. People who share that commitment can collaborate across cultural divides." - Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

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To advance the rationale of scholarship for social change, this blog is devoted to critical examination of the relationship of Islam and the state, as well as the relationship of Sharia and the state. This blog is also concerned with developing practical strategies for the protection of human rights and promotion of democratization in Islamic societies today.

Secularism in the U.S.

Guest post by Chad Nagle   The Agriculture Act of 2014 authorizes the United States government to purchase both halal and kosher certified foods for the federal government’s Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP). This program provides food at no cost to Americans that are in need of short-term hunger relief through food-banks, soup-kitchens, and homeless

Combating Islamic Radicalization Among Immigrant Muslim Children

What can be done to address the radicalization of the children of immigrant Muslim families? In this video, I discuss the issue in Arabic with members of the exiled Sudanese community in London, UK. Due to space limitations we were able to include footage of only one of the parents who presented their perspective in a moving

Boxing champion Amir Khan visits Army Public School Peshawar and meets the injured students, Dec 30, 2014
Pakistan; the saga continues

Pakistan; the saga continues …. (Sep 27, 2015) Written by FS Eight months after the massacre of school children in Peshawar, an incident which shook Pakistan to the core, Capt. Isfandyar Bukhari moves the nation with his fearless and brilliant combat with the militants. The 28-year-old soldier led his troops from the front, received straight

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