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Atlanta grew up fast. Little more than a rail terminus with more saloons than churches just a century and a half ago, it became, in short order, a regional leader, a national power and finally, an Olympic City. Its ambition did not go unnoticed either, beckoning scrutiny and study from all fields. Here at Atlanta Studies, we feature new works from the scholars, writers, artists, and activists who will help write the next chapter in our city’s story. Whether examining Atlanta’s political culture, public space, or social policy, our contributors will provide thoughtful analysis of metropolitan affairs past and present, from Clayton to Cobb and beyond. As an open access, digital publication, we’re also committed to finding new and innovative ways to communicate and collaborate, to study and to learn. We aim to be critical when addressing Atlanta’s problems and even be a tad boosterish when assessing its possibilities. We believe a city is no better than its scholarship, and we hope you’ll tune in and take part.

Recently Published

  • The Making and Unmaking of Modern Atlanta: Is The Black Mecca Eroding?

    Video of the dialogue between Andrea Young and Maurice J. Hobson at the ``Still the Black Mecca?`` symposium

  • Excluded From ``Everybody's Neighborhood``?: Constructing Sandy Springs' New City Center

    Elisa Lanari on conflicting interpretations of suburban redevelopment

  • Shakespeare in Black and White: Atlanta, 1916

    Justin Shaw on the racialized celebrations in 1916 Atlanta for Shakespeare's last centenary

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