Public Scholarship

In recent years, I have particularly enjoyed opportunities to work with campus leaders from public scholarshipother institutions to support curriculum innovation around sustainability.  Geoffrey W. Chase of San Diego State University and I have offered a series of two-day workshops, sponsored by AASHE (the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education).  “Sustainability across the Curriculum” workshops provided over 600 faculty from more than 300 institutions across the United States and eight foreign countries an opportunity to come together and develop strategies for their home institutions.  See Curricular Innovation for Sustainability

Another outgrowth of Emory’s Piedmont Project have been workshops for faculty development at a number of schools and professional meetings around the country.

  • Iowa State University: “Greening of ISU” 2003
  • Association for Process Philosophy of Education, Minneapolis, MN: “Campus Change at Emory: Applying Process Philosophy” (with Mary Elizabeth Moore) 2003
  • University of Scranton, Pennsylvania: “Education for Justice: The Case for Sustainability: Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum” 2005
  • University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine: “Education for Sustainability: the Casco Bay Project” 2005
  • University of New Mexico: “Sustainability Minor Curriculum Workshop”  2006
  • International Conference of the Society for Religion, Nature, and Culture (University of Florida): “Workshop on Teaching Religion and Nature”  2006
  • Warren Wilson College (faculty workshop on interdisciplinary engagement with sustainability) 2007
  • Syracuse University: workshop on Piedmont Project for Deans and Directors of Colleges of Environmental Studies 2007
  • Duke University: North Carolina Consortium workshop (Duke, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State, University of North Carolina Greensboro, and Meredith): “Sustainability and Curriculum”  2007
  • University of Florida, Gainesville: “The Prairie Project: Sustainability and Curriculum Workshop for Campus Leaders” 2010
  • Association of Environmental Historians (Tempe, Arizona): “Sustainability and Curriculum” pre-conference workshop 2011
  • Georgia and Southeast Schools Consortium (National Wildlife Federation, Agnes Scott College) “Sustainability and Curriculum Workshop for Campus Leaders” 2011
  • North Carolina Community College Consortium: “Sustainability and Curriculum Workshop for Campus Leaders” 2012
  • New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (36 schools, hosted by Ramapo College): “Teaching Sustainability across the Curriculum” webinar 2014
  • University of Rochester “Genesee Workshop on Sustainability and Curriculum” 2016
  • American Association of Colleges and Universities, Global Learning Conference on College Curriculum, “Nurturing Student Efficacy in a Global World” Denver 2016
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette “Sustainability across the Curriculum Faculty Workshop” 2019.

I have also enjoyed offering or assisting with workshops for broader sustainability goals:

  • Indiana University, “Food Choice from Research to Policy: Food System Transformation: Institutional Purchases, Policy, and Cultural Change” 2013   
  • Garrison Institute, Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium, Garrison, New York: “Effective Action toward Sustainability: Diversity among Early Adopters” 2013
  • Christopher Newport University, Dean William Parks Colloquium, Newport News, VA: “A Sustainable Campus: Fostering Creativity toward a New Future” 2014
  • University of Kentucky, Symposium on Food Systems Studies, Lexington, KY: “Building a Campus-wide, Multi-stakeholder Initiative on Sustainability and Food System Studies” 2016
  • Widener University, Beideman Visiting Scholar, Keynote Address: “New Frontiers in Sustainability in Higher Education” 2017
  • Georgetown University, Department of Anthropology colloquium, “Culture Change: Past and Present” 2018         
  • Bradley University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois: keynote address for year-long focus on sustainability, faculty curriculum workshop, and meetings with administrators, emeriti, and students, 2019
  • Purdue University, Department of Anthropology, West Lafayette, Indiana: “Cultivating Knowledge: An Open Forum on Agrarian Change, Political Ecology, and Rural Wellbeing,” panel discussion with Andrew Flachs, Mark Nichter, Marcus Taylor, and Cynthia Fowler, 2019

Other Public Scholarship

Testimony in Hearings on “The Future of Family Farming” of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Antitrust and Restraint of Trade Activities Affecting Small Business, 1985.

“Bring heritage breeds to holiday table” by Peggy F. Barlett, CNN, Thu November 22, 2012

“Long live the purity of seeds for broccoli” by Peggy F. Barlett and Neva Hassanein / April 16, 2013 Christian Science Monitor.

Interview with Dr. Cassandra Quave: Food waste and sustainability initiatives with Peggy Barlett – Foodie Pharmacology