Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions
Are you looking to gain some valuable research experience next semester? Emory undergraduate students can apply for research assistant (RA) positions in the Bauer Memory at Emory Lab. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in cognition and child development research!

Each semester, research assistants will work approximately nine hours per week for three course credits and will be involved in all phases of the psychology research enterprise:

  1. gain exposure to methods used in behavioral, eye-tracking, and event-related potential studies;
  2. work with postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, lab staff, and other undergraduates;
  3. interact with parents, children, siblings, and adults participants;
  4. prepare materials for study sessions;
  5. and transcribe child interviews and learn to enter and code data.

To Apply

UPDATE: The application pool for research assistant positions for Summer 2018 is now closed. Please contact Adna Jaganjac at if you have any questions.

We determine if there are open positions on a semester-by-semester basis: we typically accept applications in August for the fall semester, in November for the spring semester, and in April for the summer semesters. When positions become available, interested students may complete our application (link below) and email it to Adna Jaganjac at Please check our website later for more information and updated deadlines.

Research Assistant Application