CMC New York Trek

NY Trek August 2013

It was awesome to see friends from Goizueta fly into New York City to attend the Finance and Marketing trek in August. We were able to get a real feel for the culture of all of the firms that we visited. One of the best parts of each visit was breaking off into small groups to speak with employees about what their job consisted of on a day-to-day basis. I liked the fact that each firm really encouraged us to ask questions so we could better understand what each firm did and how it accomplished its goals. This allowed us to ascertain whether the firm was a good fit for us. One of the biggest events of the week was the networking event with Goizueta alumni at Alliance Bernstein. I was really surprised and excited to see all the alumni that came out to this event. It made for a great night.

If there is anything I would recommend for future treks, it would be to allow for slightly more time in between each visit to allow the students to get all their questions answered. In addition, because the subway system can get confusing, allowing more time between events will ensure that each student gets to the visits on time. I would personally like to thank Pam, Anne and Jennifer for organizing the treks. None of this would have been possible without them.

Brett Isaac, BBA14

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