Anadenanthera in Nature

Distribution of A. peregrina. Photo by WriterHound.

Distribution of A. colubrina. Photo by Photohound.







Anadenanthera peregrina is an entheogenic tree native to the tropical zones of South America and the West Indies. It prefers open grassland and can reach heights of up 27 meters. The trunk is 20-40 centimeters in diameter and often twists, dividing at the base into several shafts. The characteristically gray or black bark of the tree is covered with small conical protrusions, while the lightly arched branches sport fern-like leaves that can have anywhere from 10-30 pairs of pinnae (tiny, blade-shaped leaves that range from 2-5 centimeters in length). Small, spherical white flowers eventually germinate into a pod whose entheogenic contents are made into snuff. The seeds themselves are flat and dark brown to black. A. peregrina is often confused with a related species, A. colubrina, which is only present south of the equator but has similar entheogenic properties.

Anadenanthera peregrina. Photo by G. Parada, (c) Missouri Botanical Garden.

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