Writing Brazilian History

This semester, we will post our written work for each other to read. The practice of writing should be informed by a consideration of audience. I would prefer that you write toward an audience of more than one, anticipating instead a readership comprised of everyone in the class. This blog will remain inward-facing, unavailable to search engines. For the Primary Source Analysis, the Historical Biography, and the Historical Prosopography, you will post your text here and email it to me as a Word attachment.

To post your work, go to “Posts” on your menu and select “Add new.” Paste your text into the editor. The final step is as important as the rest: categorize your post. Go to the bottom right and check the appropriate box under “Categories” so that your post will appear appropriately when we click the corresponding link on the menu.

You have a choice to make about how you’d like to treat footnotes. If you just paste your text in from Word, the notes will be retained with simple bracket formatting. You can also use the Easy Footnotes plugin. Here is a quick primer on how to use the functionality of Easy Footnotes: https://www.greengeeks.com/tutorials/article/insert-footnotes-wordpress-posts/ What it boils down to is that you’ll insert a short piece of code when you want to insert a footnote and then we readers get to hover over the number and see your note in a bubble if we’d like.