Where are you?

Hi everyone. It seems our class members have scattered far and wide — California, U.K, Thailand, Georgia. In advance of our meeting on Tuesday, it would be great to write a little note in the comments here to let others know where you are and to give us some idea of your experience. Where are you? How are you? What are the causes and conditions of your dependent arising?

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  1. I’ll write the first comment. I am in Atlanta. I am in my own home with my mother (81) and son (17). Also our two cats, Marnie (2 and 1/2) and Sir Poucealot (4 and 1/2). We are trying to stay safe. We are not going out. We have food and drink. I have a sore throat. I think it is not the virus. But how can I be sure? I do not know for sure. I am trying to stay centered in the present moment. Hope you all are doing well.

    1. Hello,
      I am in Bangor, Maine with my family and my dog. I am currently in a self-quarantine and doing well. Compared to Atlanta, the weather is cold and breezy. But, being back home is nice as I get to be around family. I am quite sad about how my last year at Emory has ended, but as nothing is permanent, I am trying not to get too attached to it.

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am in Madison, Georgia—my hometown. I am currently living with my younger brother (who was also recently informed that he will be doing online classes for his university), my mom, a friend from Emory, and my cat and dog. We are all doing well. I have devoted a majority of my time to attempting to unpack my apartment belongings into an already filled house. This task has turned into a life-size puzzle, but I am beginning to feel settled. I hope you all are doing well.

  3. Hello all! I am in Savannah, Georgia at home with my wife, youngest son and three cats. Just settling into the new now with the first day of online classes going smoothly. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow afternoon. Stay well!

  4. Hi, everyone.

    I am in Washington, DC, living at home with my parents (53 and 54) and my younger brother (18). On campus, I live at 12 Eagle Row, and I was significantly exposed to the individual diagnosed with COVID-19. Both of my parents have underlying health conditions, so I’ve self-quarantined quite strictly to avoid any potential transmission. I’m taking the time to revisit some old hobbies, like creative writing and playing the guitar. I’ve shown no symptoms, and I feel very healthy, but I’m taking all the necessary precautions, nonetheless. My online classes went smoothly today; I hope the transition continues to be relatively seamless.

    Best wishes to everyone – hoping you all are healthy and comfortable.

    1. All th best to you and your family….this is hard for sure. Our son, Jackson is 27 and just got back to Savannah on Sunday from Brooklyn…he is self-quarantined for another 10 days. You know it is real when you realize you can’t give a traditional hug when coming home. Stay well!

  5. Hey everyone,
    I am back home in Los Angeles, California. Things are progressively getting worse by the day; President Trump approved a major disaster rating in California and has approved a Navy hospital ship to dock in Los Angeles to aid in the inaccessibility of medical care in the county. Pretty much all non-essential businesses are closed, driving a lot of people, including myself, mad. Hopefully things get better. On the bright side, everyone in my family is doing well, so at least we have that going for us.

  6. Hi everyone!
    I am back to Bangkok, Thailand and am self-quarantining for 14 days. Things here are getting worse day by day and people start to stock up food, face masks, and hand sanitisers. I have also been catching up on work and zooming into classes, but it has been physically challenging for me to adjust to the difference in the timezone. For example, I have classes from 10am through 2pm in Atlanta, with a gap in between then and my next class at 4-5.15pm. This translates to roughly 9pm through 1am, and then 3-4am, Thai time. Although it has been very challenging for me to have the same quality or clarity of thought at 2 am compared to 2 pm, when classes usually take place, I’m trying my best to attend all my classes. I hope you guys have a great week ahead and see you later in class today!

  7. Hi guys,

    I’m in Atlanta right now. I was also potentially exposed to the individual at 12 Eagle Row, so I am currently self quarantining as well. I’m in my apartment and my roommate has moved back home, so it is just me, which can be quite lonely sometimes. I don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19 but have bad allergies during this time of year. I’ve been trying to stay busy by doing bodyweight workouts and staying connected with my friends. I started playing videogames again, and it has been very relaxing.

  8. I am currently in New Jersey. The number of cases is pretty severe compared to most states, and this is most likely because we are next to New York. Lots of people commute to New York for work and there is also a high density population. In this time of the virus, where panic and fear is a shared feeling amongst all of us, I found this helpful video that gives insight into the importance of compassion, wisdom and meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgZETpd9h5s. A lot of the texts we have been reading have emphasized that it is no use to cling onto suffering and stay in this panic mode. Many people are suffering emotionally and mentally, carrying worries and concerns. But all we can do is stay calm and hope for the best.

  9. Hi folks!

    I’m a bit late to the party, but it’s been a hectic past week, as I’m sure it has been in one way or another for all of us. I’m currently in Peachtree City, Georgia with my parents, younger brother, and dog. All things considered my situation could be a LOT worse and I’m very grateful that my biggest concerns at the moment are hoping I’ll be able to visit local friends once things eventually clear up and before I start law school… Which I’m hoping won’t be delayed too badly from the June 10th start date. I’m combatting going stir-crazy with video games, pleasure reading (it’s been so long!), and as much family time as I can stand- which is usually helped by a glass of wine or three.

    I’m desperately hoping that something is figured out soon, for all of our sakes… Take care everyone!

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