Appreciating My Situational Awakening as a Result of COVID-19!

The first chapter of the Bodhicaryāvatāra contains deep appreciation and praise for the Awakened mind. It discusses the benefits of acquiring this level of mindfulness in great detail and the elation that one feels as a result of this achievement. While not completely applicable to my current life, this chapter does carry familiar ideals to how I feel today. Unfortunately, this virus has left devastating effects throughout the world emotionally, physically, and financially. However, certain perspectives of mine have been strengthened as result of this pandemic. For one, I am consistently more grateful to and for my family members. In quarantine, I now spend all of my time in the vicinity of my family. This has brought us closer together. Surprisingly, it has brought my friends and I closer as well. We video chat everyday for hours on end, proving to me how important they are in my day to day life. While I have unfortunately not achieved the true Awakening that Śāntideva discusses in this chapter, I am satisfied by the deepened appreciation that I now feel for the people I love most.

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