The Awakening Mind & Hope

This might be too much of a stretch as a comparison, but when I read about the two parts that form the Awakening Mind (the mind resolved on Awakening and the Mind proceeding towards Awakening) I tried to view the concept through the lens of the current state of the world… And the conclusion that I drew is that perhaps we could superimpose the idea of Hope over the concept of the Awakening Mind? It seems to me that the dual nature of this state of mind is not unlike Hope in a way, which is something that we as human beings must hold onto in these times. To elaborate, if the Awakened Mind exists first in the form of a desire to achieve Awakened status and then as an active striding for said status, could Hope not be viewed the same way? By this I mean that we can look at Hope first as an idea/concept/feeling/state we must chose to attain, and then as something that must be actively pursued. To me, Hope is not necessarily something that can always be passively attained or given, but one must take care to consistently strive to grasp and then maintain it…. And upon doing so, we find the tenacity and perseverance to endure even in the most dire of circumstances.

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