Adopting the Awakening Mind (20-22)

My takeaway in Chapter 3 is helping others. In time of worries, stress, and fear, we tend to become more emotional and it is important for us to depend on each other. This dependence can take any form: emotional, mental, and physical. The following texts stood out to me: “I am medicine for the sick. May I be both the doctor and their nurse, until the sickness does not recur” (21) and “May I be a light for those in need of light. May I be a bed for those in need of rest. May I be a servant for those in need of service, for all embodied beings” (22). We can be mentally strong for each other and make the effort to provide those in need. I have read multiple stories online about people fighting for necessities like toilet paper or protection like face masks. This is not the time to resort to violence nor think of ourselves in selfish ways. The other day, via phone call, my mom learned that her friend did not have any face masks. Face masks can be very expensive due to its high demand and although my mom did not have a lot, she offered to send some to her. This pandemic is something we are all experiencing – it’s a shared experienced. If we are able to help others, we should do so.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, Louisa. Well spoken. Let us remember that our survival also depends on many others. Without them, we could not live. We must work together for the common good, not grasp at our own well-being at the expense of someone else.

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