The Perfection of Vigour

“I have not started this! This I started, but it remains half done! Death has come from nowhere! Oh no, I am stricken!” (Śāntideva, 67). Śāntideva writes this piece of dialogue during his discussion of “The Perfection of Vigour.” He writes this among other cautionary accounts of the opposing forces to vigour. This one particularly resonated with me as I consistently have trouble managing my time. When I was juggling tons of school work, friendships, family, relationships, and personal hobbies, there were many times where I left things unfinished. Whether that was a book I was reading, a video game I played, and so on, I consistently felt as though I was never able to finish something I had started because I was always drawn to something else. With this quarantine, while it has many draws, I am not gifted with a full and undisturbed day. I have gone back to finish many books and games that I always wondered their endings. This has ultimately taught me to stress less about small things, there will be a time in which we can get all things done. If it is important to us, it may be half-finished now, but one day it will be completed.

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