Dedication to Happiness

Śāntideva opens his “final lesson” with a sense of praise and a blessing. He blesses those who seek/achieve the power of awakening and he wishes that their happiness will last forever. Furthermore, he wishes their happiness will spread throughout the world. I really enjoyed this chapter because Śāntideva shows that there is a reward for the hard journey. Many texts in Buddhism seem to give instruction, but do not necessarily explain what will happen if one abides by them. Śāntideva explains in his teachings what someone must do to achieve enlightenment, and now he displays the rewards. It makes for a much more convincing “sell” on Buddhism as I feel that people search for happiness above anything else. I really enjoyed his philosophical teachings, he was obviously a very wise and humble man. I hope that I can connect his passion for achieving happiness to my current issues with COVID-19 and how it has temporarily halted my college career.

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