The End of My School Year

Śāntideva has taught innumerable life lessons that I will cherish so long as I live, but upon submitting my final and finishing my freshman year of college I am filled with new perspective due to this class. Attachment leading to suffering is an idea that is stressed frequently in Buddhism. It was difficult for me to understand in the beginning of the year as I feel attached to many things that bring me only joy. My friends, my family, my animals, etc. However, what I see now is that we need to control our attachments. In this time of quarantine where it is so essential to stay at home, people are blindly following their attachment to the chagrin of American society. People who are having difficulty staying at home are giving in to their urges too often and have caused this country to suffer worse than it should have. This, combined with our current administrations lack of a proper/timely response, has led to devastation of our economy and fellow citizens. What I have learned from my time at home, from the end of my first year in college, is how to make the best of a situation. This will be a memorable year for me, ironic as this year has been so heavily associated with boredom. I appreciate that this experience has given me the time to pursue my hobbies and studies unobstructed by previous attachments. Would I prefer to be outside with friends? Of course! Am I not allowing myself to think this way in order to stay at home and make the best of my situation? Yes. Upon finishing my first year, I will never take college for granted as the few months I had experience were amazing and I would never want to miss out on any more. Thank you for a great class!

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