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Job Description

The role of a tech producer is to be the facilitator of the online classroom on behalf of the faculty member. Under the supervision of the Instruction Content Developer in the Office of Digital Learning, Tech Producers will assist in a range of technical and pedagogical tasks including Zoom support for teaching faculty and other IT service support such as Canvas. 

Tech Producer Responsibilities

  • Ensure recording of every class session 
  • As needed classroom facilitation duties such as breakout rooms, screen-sharing, and student polling 
  • Live troubleshooting for Zoom connectivity issues 
  • Posting class recordings to Canvas modules 
  • Contacting Candler IT as necessary for larger issues with faculty hardware, or referring students to Student Digital Life  

Tech Producer Spotlights

tech producer

Karina Aragon-Buchanan

“This semester I have the honor of tech producing for a DMin course! I have love getting to hear from pastors located all over the U.S. and learn alongside the incredible Donghyun Jeong and Chantel Heister. It truly has been a wonderful experience so far. It’s made me realize just how important a quality, online learning experience is.”

Justala Simpson

“My role, as a tech producer, is really cool! I am afforded the opportunity of assisting professors in maintaining the flow of the classroom environment. This includes uploading class recordings, creating breakout rooms, and troubleshooting technological needs of students and faculty. 

One of my favorite parts of being a tech producer has been working with the Doctor of Ministry program. As I, actively discern next steps in my theological journey, it is truly a blessing to glean from their experiences and the work that they are engaging. 

Online learning can be challenging, but I am so grateful that I can play a small role in making it more manageable.”

Cerise Barton

My name is Cerise Barton and I am a rising 3rd year MDiv student. I’ve had the pleasure of serving our digital community as a zoom tech producer this year. 

The zoom space has so many possibilities to make learning exciting, engaging, and limit fatigue. It’s been an honor to partner with our professors and help with innovative delivery of curriculum.

It has also been an honor to help fellow colleagues learn their own systems and get the most out of our personal zoom accounts. Simply tips like saving the chat, maneuvering full screen & gallery views, hiding self-view, and a few others help to personalize and maximize the zoom learning experience. 

Most of what I get to do is assist entrance & exit to the zoom space, breakout rooms, polls, and trouble shoot when audio/video issues occur. But the best part is being exposed to curriculum, professors, and other colleagues in classes I would not otherwise get to participate in.

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