Monthly Archives: June 2020

Scribble with Whiteboard

by: Elena Cholakova Scribble together whiteboard is an app that allows you to write in the score in real-time. You can share the score with the student and enable them to draw in it.

New Electives During A Pandemic

by: Holly Gooding With all of the Emory medical students displaced from the clinical environment due to the pandemic, we needed to urgently create new elective courses for them to pursue while learning remotely. I partnered with Dr. Hughes Evans and Dr. Mehul Tejani to create a four week elective focused on four weekly themes:…

Student Engagement

by: Tanvi Dhere In order to engage students during virtual teaching, I found the whiteboard option on Poll Everywhere to be quite useful. You can ask an open-ended question to students and have them type in answers, which subsequently show up on the whiteboard in real-time.

Pediatric Critical Care Course: Collaboration Between Academia and Clinical Practice

by: Jeannie Weston This dynamic interprofessional pilot course involves collaboration between the local children’s hospital and the school of nursing. Through a weekly seminar offering, various perspectives for care are offered through the diverse lenses of child life, physical/occupational therapy, and social work. In addition, speakers with expertise in psychology, nursing ethics, genetics and parenting…