Emory Chemists Find “Huge Shortcut” for Organic Synthesis Using C-H Bonds

Image of catalyst from eScienceCommons.
Image of catalyst from eScienceCommons.

Graduate student Kungbiao Liao (Davies Group) is the first author of a new paper in Nature that describes a “huge shortcut” for organic synthesis of carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bonds of an alkane without using a connecting group. Solymar Negretti (Davies Group), Jamal Musaev (Emerson Center), John Bacsa (X-ray Center), and Huw Davies are additional authors.

From Emory’s eScienceCommons:

The streamlined process described in the paper holds tremendous potential for the synthesis of fine chemicals, such as those needed for the development of pharmaceuticals.

“Organic synthesis is all about simplicity,” [Huw Davies] says. “It may lead to a sophisticated outcome, but it has to be simple to carry out in order to have practical applications.”

The work in this paper was made possible in part by Emory’s NSF Center for Selective C-H Functionalization, led by Dr. Davies.

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