Meet the New Graduate Class: Alisina Bazrafshan


Alisinia Bazrafshan
Alisinia Bazrafshan

Alisina comes to Emory from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. Alongside receiving excellent undergraduate training in chemistry at Sharif, Alisina was a drummer in the indie rock band Taadol and recorded a studio album that will be released in Iran this year. Alisina was attracted to Emory because of the cutting edge research and the availability of state-of-the-art instruments and facilities. In his first year, he is looking forward to working with these instruments as well as starting his own research. His research interests include developing new methods for chemical sensing and understanding how nature and biology works with a chemical perspective. When he isn’t studying or working in the lab, Alisina enjoys applying his scientific curiosity to the arts, whether practicing drums, cooking, or learning about photography and other artistic mediums.

Division of Interest: Biomolecular

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