Meet the New Graduate Class: Dave Bruns


Dave Bruns
Dave Bruns

Dave Bruns comes to Emory from Vanderbilt University. Dave appreciated that Vandy—like Emory—offers “outstanding academics and great athletic programs that are not football.” After graduation, Dave worked for a year and he is excited to get back into the classroom. Dave says, “I chose Emory because the faculty were proactive in reaching out to me during the decision-making process and made it clear that they were concerned with developing me into the best chemist I can be. The beautiful new building also played a considerable role in my decision.” After Emory, Dave’s dream job would include teaching, whether as a research professor or lecturer.

Research Interests: Catalyst development, mechanistic and kinetic studies of catalytic conversions

Divisions of Interest: Inorganic, Organic, Physical

What makes Dave Unique: I once had a mullet that gave Joe Dirt’s a run for its money.


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