New PhD Student Sara Gebre Profiled by Emory News

New PhD student Sara Gebre was included in Laney Graduate School’s annual round-up of new graduate students!

From the article:

Hometown: Palmyra, Pennsylvania

Emory degree program: PhD in chemistry

Completed degrees: BS in chemistry, Haverford College

Focus of scholarship: I want to focus on using laser spectroscopy techniques to characterize different materials and proteins. Basically what this mean is that I want to use lasers to be able to learn more about the properties of materials (used in things like solar or fuel cells, for example) and how proteins move or act in a certain environment.

Why it matters: I worked with infrared spectroscopy (IR) in college to look at a certain functional group bound to a model peptide. I became really interested in the use of IR and wanted to expand my skillset and be able to use laser spectroscopy to look at proteins and materials of interest. I think this is important because understanding the material or protein you’re using is the first step in developing more efficient energy materials or drugs for diseases. It’s also useful for possibly understanding similar protein systems or compounds.

Proudest academic achievement to date: I published a paper from my time working in Dr. Vern Schramm’s lab this past year. I had been accepted to the PREP program (post baccalaureate) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and used that as a gap year to get more lab experience and figure out what other research topics I was interested in. It was an awesome experience. My PI and lab members helped me with everything and I had a lot of support, which I’m grateful for.

Read the whole thing at the Emory News Center.

Congratulations, Sara!