Salaita Group Research on “Picky Platelets” Featured in Medical Express

Khalid Salaita
Khalid Salaita

Research from the Salaita Group is featured in a review in Medical Express. Written by Emory’s own Carol Clark, the article gives an overview of two recent journal publications covering important results related to triggering clotting in blood platelets.

“We show conclusively that, in order to activate clotting, the cell needs a targeted force of a magnitude of just a few piconewtons—or a force about a billion times less than the weight of a staple,” says Khalid Salaita, associate professor in Emory University’s Department of Chemistry and the lead author of the studies. “The real surprise we found is that platelets care about the direction of that force and that it has to be lateral. They’re very picky. But they should be picky because otherwise they might accidentally create a clot. That’s what causes strokes.”

Read the full review, and find links to the journal articles, at the link.

Update 12/20/17: Additional coverage in Science Daily!