Congratulations, Dr. Kuangbiao Liao!

On Thursday, December 21st, Kuangbiao Liao successfully defended his thesis, “Site-Selective and Stereoselective Functionalization of Non-Activated C-H Bond.” Kuangbiao’s thesis committee included his thesis advisor, Dr. Huw Davies, and members Dr. Lanny Liebeskind and Dr. Simon Blakey.

Kuangbiao was born in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, China in 1990. He attended Sun Yat-sen University for his undergraduate education in 2009, then he moved to Emory University for his doctoral studies in 2013. During his stay, he developed three catalysts to achieve selective functionalization of non-activated primary, secondary, and tertiary C–H bond under the supervision of Prof. Huw M. L. Davies. His work, including two Nature publications, has been recognized by the community and has earned several prestigious awards. After his successful defense, he moved to North Chicago to join Abbvie Inc. as Senior Scientist I.

Congratulations, Dr. Liao!