Research from the Davies Lab Featured in Emory News

Research from the Davies Lab has recently been featured by Emory News in an article titled “Chemical Catalyst Turns ‘Trash’ to ‘Treasure'”. The article highlights the lab’s most recent catalyst discovery, their Nature publication, their scientific mission, and their involvement with the CCHF. The article even includes videos and clips of some of the fascinating science taking place between the walls of the Davies Lab.

From the article:

“Each of the catalysts are unprecedented, achieving a different kind of selectivity than has been seen before,” Davies says. “We’re developing a toolkit of new catalysts and reagents that will do selective C-H functionalization at different sites on different molecules.”

“We’ve achieved exquisite catalyst control that is beyond what people thought would be possible even two or three years ago,” Davies says. “It’s incredible what my students have been able to achieve.”

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