Emeritus Professor Al Padwa Gives Colloquium

Dr. Al Padwa, William P. Timmie Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, gave a lunch colloquium as part of an Emeritus College lunch series on Monday, June 18th. The colloquium, “Keeping Up with the Latest on Big Pharma, Drug Costs, and the Salutary Story of Cialis.” explored the history of the drug Cialis, including its unexpected “side effect” as a treatment for erectile disfunction and his own role as an expert witness following a legal challenge related to the drug’s patent from university researchers at Vanderbilt.


In Memoriam: Dr. Keiji Morokuma

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Keiji Morokuma on November 27th, 2017. In 1993, Dr. Morokuma joined Emory University as Director of the Cherry L. Emerson Center for Scientific Computation and  William Henry Emerson Professor of Chemistry. In 2006, Dr. Morokuma became William Henry Emerson Professor Emeritus before beginning his final academic position as Research Leader with the Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry at Kyoto University.


Dr. Morokuma was an expert on electronic structure theory and applications, having authored or coauthored more than 900 papers, many review articles and several books. He received numerous awards, directed many scientific centers, and served as president of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences.


Dr. Morokuma was a loving husband to his dear wife, Eiko, father of three sons and one daughter, and grandfather of two grandchildren. He will be remembered by his colleagues and friends for the enthusiasm and energy he brought to everything he did, from science to tennis. He will be deeply missed.


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Fred Menger Teaches Last Emory Class

Tim Stephens hugs Fred Menger after giving him a gift--a new pair of jeans!--as Fred's wife Lib looks on.
Tim Stephens hugs Fred Menger after giving him a gift–a new pair of jeans!–as Fred’s wife Lib looks on.

Faculty, students, and staff gathered this afternoon to recognize Fred Menger‘s last day in the classroom. Dr. Menger held his last in-class session of the popular “How Things Work” freshman seminar. After a demonstration of the inner workings of the defibrillator, the class emerged for a surprise champagne toast. Following remarks by department chair Stefan Lutz and co-teacher Tim Stephens, everyone enjoyed cake in Fred’s honor.

Fred will remain on the Emory faculty, taking a sabbatical next semester but continuing to serve on several committees. Following his retirement in August, Fred intends to maintain an office at Emory and stay active as Emeritus Faculty.

Congratulations, Fred! We will miss you! Thank you to everyone who participated in the celebration!