Congratulations, Dr. Hank Liu!

The Emory University Department of Chemistry congratulates Hank Liu on successfully defending his thesis, “Theoretical studies of the vibrational spectra and relaxation dynamics of ice and water.”

Dr. Liu’s committee was led by Joel Bowman with Michael Heaven and James Kindt as additional members.

Update 07/14/16: Hank is now a data scientist in the Predictive Team at Radius Intelligence in San Fransisco. Hank says: “I am working on improving our predictive model, specifically on creating new features to enhance the predictive power. The goal of our models is to predict potential customers for B2B companies.”

Congratulations, Brandon Green!

The Emory University Department of Chemistry congratulates Brandon Greene on successfully defending his thesis, “”Electron, Proton and Electron-Proton Transfer Dynamics in the Catalytic Mechanism of [NiFe] and [FeFe] Hydrogenases.“

Brandon’s committee was led by Brian Dyer with Tim Lian and Cora MacBeth as additional members. Dr. Greene has accepted a postdoctoral position at the Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Dan Nocera and Joan Stubbe.

Omar Villanueva Defends Thesis, Now Assistant Professor at Dalton College

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to congratulate Dr. Omar Villanueva on successfully defending his thesis, “Design and Development of Novel Bis(amidophenyl)amine Redox-active Ligands to Promote Novel Reactivity at First-row Transition Metal Centers.”

Omar’s thesis committee included Cora MacBeth (advisor), Craig Hill, and Khalid Salaita. He is now Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Natural Sciences at Dalton State College.

Congratulations, Omar!