Emeritus Professor Al Padwa Gives Colloquium

Dr. Al Padwa, William P. Timmie Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, gave a lunch colloquium as part of an Emeritus College lunch series on Monday, June 18th. The colloquium, “Keeping Up with the Latest on Big Pharma, Drug Costs, and the Salutary Story of Cialis.” explored the history of the drug Cialis, including its unexpected “side effect” as a treatment for erectile disfunction and his own role as an expert witness following a legal challenge related to the drug’s patent from university researchers at Vanderbilt.


Al Padwa Awarded Heilburn Fellowship

Al Padwa was awarded a Heilbrun Distinguished Emeritus Fellowship. Fellowships to emeritus faculty in the Arts and Sciences are funded by a generous contribution from the family of Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr. Each fellowship, administered by the College, carries a stipend of $10,000.  An annual reception for the current and the previous years’ fellows provides the opportunity to acknowledge fellowship recipients’ continuing research and scholarship beyond retirement. The fellowship generally begins at the start of each academic year.

Padwa’s Mobile Art Featured in C&EN Magazine

Al Padwa‘s mobiles that can be found throughout the Emory Chemistry Department are featured in C&EN magazine.

Although Padwa’s mobiles do not have an obvious chemistry connection, he claims that the ceiling hangers have been inspired by chemistry. “There is so much science that is inherently connected with the nature of complex molecules in three-dimensional space,” he says. “How I regard mobiles is that they float in 3-D. Mobiles possess oddball shapes, which are all in balance, and there is a lot of symbolism between 3-D mobiles and complex molecular structures. That’s why it ignites my imagination and enthusiasm, and that’s why I build them, much as I assemble complex natural products in our laboratory.”

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