A Look Inside the ATOMIC Classroom

Doug Mulford teaching chemistry in the new Atwood chemistry building. Photo by David Johnson for Univ. Marketing.
Doug Mulford teaching chemistry in the new Atwood chemistry building. Photo by David Johnson for Univ. Marketing.

The ATOMIC classroom is the 99-seat teaching space adjacent to the new Science Commons in Atwood Hall. The ATOMIC classroom is “Advancing the Teaching of Matter in Chemistry” through interactive classroom experiences. Students can view presentations on 360 degree screens or work out problems on the whiteboard walls and tables. Emory photographer David Johnson stopped by a few weeks ago to catch this unique classroom in action.

For more about the ATOMIC classroom, check out this Emory Wheel article from 2015.

2016 Chemistry Undergraduate Award Winners

Undergraduates pose with the ACS "Mole" during the 2016 ACS Meeting
Undergraduates pose with the ACS “Mole” during the 2016 ACS Meeting. Photo by Doug Mulford.

Chemistry celebrated the research accomplishments of our undergraduates during Undergraduate Research Week at Emory. On Friday, April 22nd, we held a poster session and awards ceremony in the Science Commons. The poster session was judged by graduate students Brooke Andrews, Wallace Derricotte, Monica Kiewit, Rachel Kozlowski, Michelle Leidy, Rolando Rengifo, Samantha Summer, and Christian Wallen. The following students were recognized with awards:

Outstanding Poster Presentation

Houston Smith   (1st Prize)

Samuel Wilder

Alyssa Pollard

Catherine Urbano

Recipient of the Outstanding Chemistry Major

Mariko Morimoto

Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Casey Leigh Anthony

Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Olivia Mangat Dhaliwal

2016 Outstanding Analytical Chemistry Student

Shelly Saini

2016 Outstanding Physical Chemistry Student

Mariko Morimoto

2016 Most Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student (The Division of Organic Chemistry ~ American Chemical Society)

Junyi Liu

Recipient of the William R. Jones Scholarship

Martin-Luis Riu

Recipient of the William R. Jones Scholarship

Shelly Saini

2016 Outstanding 1st Year Chemistry Student

Brett Weingart

Birk Evavold

Recipient Early Career Achievement Research Grant

Laura Briggs

Excellence in Undergraduate Education Support

Maheen Nadeenm   (ChemMentor)

Katherine Woolard  (General Chemistry Lab)

Ishpaul Bhamber     (Analytical Chemistry Lab)

Chemistry Major Interns with the Department of Homeland Security

One of the most surprising things I learned was that diamonds rarely appear in nature like you stereotypically see in jewelry stores. Most look like small, black, unpolished rocks […] If all of these stones are known to originate from South Africa future researchers can predict that stones with large boron impurities originate near the same area.

Undergraduate Jessica Elinburg, president of our award-winning ACS club, ChEmory, is profiled in a blog about her recent internship with the Department of Homeland Security HS-STEM summer internship program. Congratulations, Jessica!

Alum Awarded Reaxys Prize

Greg Hamilton (06C), who received his PhD from the University of California-Berkeley and is now a postdoctoral fellow in the Shokat group at University of California – San Francisco, was awarded the 2012 Reaxys Prize, celebrating outstanding chemistry research.

Chemistry Hosts Alumni Reception at ACS 2013

A reception was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Philadelphia on Monday August 20th during the Fall ACS Meeting. In attendance were Dean of the Laney Graduate School, Lisa Tedesco, numerous current students, staff and faculty members. We were especially happy to catch up with Benjamin Blass (90C), Anne Gorden (96C), Hao Li (09G), Philip May (10C), Brooke Rosenzweig (03C), Renee and Jonathan Zung (91G), David Primer (12C), Geraint Davies (12C), Stephanie Ovalles Hansen (11G) and Jorn Hansen (10G), Dave Stockwell (10G).

Chemistry Remembers Howard “Hal” Johnston

Harold “Hal” Johnston (41C) died October 20, 2012 at his home in Kensington, CA. He was 92. After leaving Emory, Johnston received a PhD at the California Institute of Technology where he later worked as a faculty member from 1956-1957. He was a professor of chemistry at University of California-Berkeley from 1957-1991, serving as Dean of the College of Chemistry from 1966-1970. He received numerous awards for his work in atmospheric chemistry, including National Medal of Science, the Tyler World Prize for Environmental Achievement and the National Academy of Sciences Award for Chemsitry in the Service to Society. Read more about his life in this tribute.

Two Chemistry Majors Receive Robert T. Jones Scholarships

Chemistry majors Steven Dry and Phillip May have been awarded highly prestigious Robert T. Jones Jr. Scholarships for a year of study at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Widely known as the Bobby Jones Scholarship, the award was established in 1976 and recognizes individuals who will be excellent representatives of Emory at St. Andrews. Qualities required include intellectual excellence, a significant leadership record and academic interests that can be pursued through the offerings at St. Andrews. The scholars receive full tuition and a travel stipend for their year of study. In addition, four St. Andrews students are chosen to spend a year at Emory.

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