Congratulations, 2016-2017 Graduates!

Dr. David Lynn shows of his Emory robes and chemistry sunglasses at graduation in 2016.
Dr. David Lynn shows of his Emory robes and chemistry sunglasses at graduation in 2016.

On Monday, May 8th, the Department of Chemistry will celebrate the graduation of 75 undergraduate chemistry majors, 6 M.S. recipients, and 16 new PhDs. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Graduates: Make sure to send your forwarding (non-Emory) email address to Ethel Ellington. We will send a link to photos taken during Monday’s reception to this address.

Sarah Catherine Anderson (B.S.)

Joshua H. Bartlett (Ph.D.)

Adam Bezdek (B.S.)

Joseph Brian Birchansky (B.S.)

Chloe Biren (B.S.)

Jonathan Gerhart Broniec (B.B.A.)

Norbert Wade Bull (B.A.)

Jasmine Elizabeth Carrothers (B.S.)

Sophie Leyla Cemaj (B.S.)

Yuan Chang (Ph.D.)

Yizhi Chen (B.A.)

Joan S. Cheng (B.S.)

 Matthew David Chuba (M.S.)

Juan Diego Cisneros (B.A.)

Somnath Das (B.A.)

Christella Dhammaputri (B.S.)

Jieming Fu (B.S.)

Liangbing Fu (Ph.D.)

Vanessa Min Fu (B.A.)

Kornelia Delfina Galior (Ph.D.)

Nathan Lee Grant (B.S.)

Weiwei Guo (Ph.D.)

Shruti Gupta (B.S.)

Kevin Patrick Hannon (M.S.)

Hannah Harris (B.S.)

David Hercules (B.S.)

Sabrina E. Iskander (B.S.)

Hanjie Jiang (B.S.)

Shijian Jin (B.S./M.S.)

Shashank Kalanithi (B.A.)

Arshad Karumbamkandathil (M.S.)

Austin Jaehyun Kim (B.S.)

Christopher Philip Kontoghiorghes (B.S.)

Alexis Kosiak (B.S.)

Ryan A. Kristensen (B.A.)

Collin D. Kroll (B.S.)

Shoeb Lallani (B.S.)

Chi Huu Hong Le (B.S.)

Moon Young Lee (B.S.)

Sarah Joy Lewis (B.A.)

Rocky Kee Li (B.S.)

Tonia Li (B.S.)

Chen Liang (Ph.D.)

Yichu Lin (B.S.)

Yang Liu (Ph.D.)

Yuh-jong Liu (B.S.)

Elizabeth Laird Magnotti (Ph.D.)

Lucas Man (B.S.)

Shaminy Anne Manoranjithan (B.S.)

Walker Marsh (B.S.)

Morgan Nicole McCabe (M.S.)

Alexander John Mesko (M.S.)

Hannah Marie Meyer (B.S.)

Sahil Mithwani (B.A.)

Christoffel Gerardo Molina-Roman (B.A.)

Grant Murphy (B.S.)

Ben Seth Natinsky (B.S.)

Naveed Shiraz Noordin (B.A.)

Ting Pan (M.S.)

Shangrila Parvin (B.S.)

Brandi Paul (B.S.)

Jessica Phillip (B.S.)

Alexia Marie Prokopik (B.S.)

Zhiyu Qian (B.S.)

Chen Qu (Ph.D.)

Muhammad Ali Rashid (B.A.)

Claire Elizabeth Richardson (B.S.)

Martin-Louis Riu (B.S.)

Havi Beth Rosen (B.A.)

Shelly Rani Saini (B.S.)

Vivek Sawhney (B.S.)

Jake Austin Schlessinger (B.B.A.)

Elaine Young Sim (B.S.)

Jasmina Solankee (B.A.)

Watchapol Sowapark (B.S.)

Michelle Stofberg (B.S.)

Michael Neal Sullivan (Ph.D.)

Andrew Tran (B.S.)

Phong Tran (B.S.)

Joshua Laine Traynelis (B.S.)

Nohemi Dxandi Trevino-Garrido (B.S.)

Christian Wallen (Ph.D.)

Frank Xuan Wang (B.A.)

LaKeisha Tanay Waters (B.A.)

Joshua M. Werman (B.S.)

Marika Wieliczko (Ph.D.)

Sarah Marie Lauinger Wilkening (Ph.D.)

Alfred H. Wong (B.S.)

Katherine June Woolard (B.S.)

Thomas Yu Xia (B.S.)

Alice Athene Xu (B.S.)

Lewen Yang (Ph.D.)

Jacob Yi (B.A.)

Jonathan Zawadzki (B.A.)

Lina Zhang (B.A.)

Yilin Zhang (B.S.)

Yun Zhang (Ph.D.)

Luyao Zou (Ph.D.)

Commencement 2015

Emory’s 2015 Commencement took place on Monday, May 11th. The Department of Chemistry was proud to graduate 80 college majors and 18 newly minted PhDs! Congratulations to all of our graduates on their accomplishments!

Liotta Wins 2011 Jefferson Award

Congratulations to Dennis Liotta, winner of the 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award. The Jefferson Award is conferred during Emory’s commencement exercises. From the Office of the Provost:

To honor faculty and staff who have significantly enriched the intellectual and civic life of the Emory community, the Thomas Jefferson Award, named and endowed by the Robert Earl McConnell Foundation, is presented annually at Commencement.  The award honors a member of the faculty or staff for significant service to Emory University through personal activities, influence, and leadership, usually over the course of many years.

Congratulations, Dennis!

[Emory Report]

McDonald Receives Williams Award

Frank McDonald has received the Emory Williams Award for excellence in teaching. The award is conferred annually during Emory’s commencement exercises. From the Provost:

The Emory Williams Teaching Award is given in recognition of a record of excellence in teaching. The designation represents the highest university honor for teaching given to a full-time faculty member. The award was established by Emory Williams, a 1932 Emory College alumnus and long-time trustee.

Award recipients will receive a framed certificate at the Commencement ceremony of the school where the faculty member’s primary appointment is housed. The recognition also comes with a monetary award of $2,000.

Recipients hold a record of excellence in teaching, having made major contributions in their academic discipline to curriculum development, pedagogy, and educational innovation. They have earned the respect of colleagues both at Emory and in the larger academic community.

In addition to a stellar academic record and the accomplishments above, and in keeping with Williams’ wishes, the award honors faculty who:

  • Foster participation, inquiry, and creative expression in the classroom
  • Exemplify the highest quality of teaching scholarship
  • Serve as a mentor to students
  • Actively teach
  • Retain a continual record of outstanding accomplishment and ongoing commitment to teaching
  • Make significant contributions that impact and advance the university through teaching

[Press Release]