Congratulations, 2017-2018 Graduates!

On Monday, May 14th, the Department of Chemistry celebrated the graduation of 63 undergraduate chemistry majors and 16 new PhDs. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Jonah M. Adler
Raviteja Alla
Yusur Alsalihi
Eric Andreansky, Ph.D.
Rebecca Anne Bartlett, Ph.D.
Nia Nicole Bilal
Nika Braiman
Yulei Cao
Mandy Chan
Yuan Chang, Ph.D.
Bryant Chica, Ph.D.
Lekha Chilakamarri
Emily Bridget Crawford
Marika Deliyianni
Wallace Derricotte, Ph.D.
Long Di
Jose Armando Espinoza
Richard Xin Feng
Divine Joseph Francis
Up Next: Graduate School
Kyle E Giesler, Ph.D.
Akash R Gogate
You Na Ha
Ian I Heaven
Gillian G Hecht
Up Next: Graduate School at Columbia University Mallman School of Public Health(Future plans to attend medical school)
Daisha Holton
Up Next: PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Job offer for Teach for America in Houston)
Lillian Theresa Hough
Heejin Hur
Jessica Anna Hurtak, Ph.D.
Currently: Postdoc in the Tan Laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan
Cheston Husein
Ban-Seok Jeong, Ph.D.
Lisa Wang Jin
Yao Jing, Ph.D.
Verka Elena Williams Jordanov
Se Min Jung
Shashank Kalanithi
Parisa Keshavarz-Joud
Up Next: Research Technician with the Lutz Lab at Emory
(Future plans to attend graduate school for chemistry)
Carly Ryan Kies
2017-2018 Excellence in Undergraduate Educational Support Award (1st Year Mentor)
Up Next: Campus ministry in Australia for a year
Mooeung Kim, Ph.D.
Vishaal Kondoor
Georgia Kossoff
Carli Brooke Kovel
2018 Bobby Jones Scholar
Sang Don Kwan
Up Next: Medical school in Korea
Thomas Lampeter
Adonias C Lemma
2017-2018 Excellence in Undergraduate Educational Support Award (1st Year Lab TA)
Up Next: Emergency Department Medical Scribe with the Emory University Hospital
Yichen Li
Up Next: Grow Trainee in Manufacturing Department for BASF in Shanghai, China
Kuangbiao Liao, Ph.D.
Up Next: Senior Scientist at Abbvie Inc.
Yuhgene Liu
Samir Martin
Garett Michael
Charles Modlin, Ph.D.
Eddy Cristian Ortega
Analia Parana
Lilanni Perez
Thomas Nicholai Preiser
Chengyang Qian
Zheng Qiao
Ashwin Ragupathi
Up Next: Research Technician at MSKCC (Future plans to attend medical school)
Shambavi Jay Rao
Rolando Felipe Rengifo, Ph.D.
Adam M Ring
2017-2018 Excellence in Undergraduate Educational Support Award (2nd Year Lab TA)
Gabriela Rodriguez Bengochea
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Cristian Salgueiro
2017-2018 Outstanding Chemistry Major Award
2017-2018 Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry
Vivek Sawhney
Noah Allen Setterholm, Ph.D.
Nilang Nandlal Shah
Zoe Simon
Up Next: PhD in Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh
Houston Hartwell Smith
2015 Recipient of the Early Career Achievement Research Grant
2017-2018 Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award
2017-2018 ACS P-Chem Award
Andrew Donald Steele, Ph.D.
Leann Quertinmont Teadt, Ph.D.
Matthew John Tucker
Catherine Urbano
Up Next: Medical School at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Katherine June Woolard
2016 Excellence in Undergraduate Education Award (General Chemistry Lab)
Benjamin Aaron Yosen
Junchu Zeng
Up Next: MS in Operations Research at Columbia University
Qingwan Zhang
Xiancong Zhang
Xiaoyi Zhang


Recruitment Weekend 2018 Recap

What a wonderful weekend of chemistry and community as we welcomed our 2018-2019 recruiting class to our beautiful campus! We hosted over 50 recruits last weekend and had the chance to show them all the great things that our program has to offer. The weekend featured collectible faculty cards, matching baseball tees, a poster session, and many fun activities, from bowling to hiking.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, mentors, and faculty members who helped us organize and achieve such a fun weekend. Events like this remind us how amazing our department truly is!

And thank you to all of our recruits for spending the weekend with us! For information on how to respond to an Offer of Admission, please refer here.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at gradchem [at] emory [dot] edu.

We look forward to hearing back from you, and thanks again for a great weekend!

Meet the New Graduate Class: Azmain Taz

Azmain Taz
Azmain Taz

Azmain Taz joins Emory from the University of Richmond. She is an international student from Bangladesh. She was attracted to Emory both for Emory’s research excellence and for her love of Atlanta and its weather!  

Divisions of Interest: Biomolecular, Inorganic, Organic


Meet the New Graduate Class: Elaine Liu

Elaine Liu
Elaine Liu

Elaine Liu comes to Emory Oberlin College where she was an active member of the chemistry community—while also taking classes in psychology, sociology, history, religion, and beyond. Elaine has also worked with the organization Graduate Women in Stem (GWIS). A particular focus of her work with GWIS was a series of articles on the struggles of women and feminists in STEM fields published in the GWIS quarterly magazine. After college, Elaine spent a year as an au pair in Paris, France, giving her an opportunity to explore Europe, including meeting family living in Denmark for the first time. She is excited to begin her next adventure at Emory and has a particular interest in catalyst synthesis. In addition to her strong chemistry background, Elaine is an accomplished dancer. She minored in dance in college and previously danced up to 24 hours per week as a pre-professional. Once she is settled in to Atlanta, Elaine hopes to take dance classes with the Atlanta Ballet.

Divisions of Interest: Inorganic, Organic

Meet the New Graduate Class: Cameron Pratt

Cameron Pratt
Cameron Pratt

Cameron Pratt comes to Emory from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. At Hope, he had the opportunity to be involved in multiple research projects that sparked his love of chemistry as well as his interest in teaching at a primarily undergraduate institution in the future. This summer, Cam joined Emory as a summer rotation student in the Davies Group. He also became involved with Pi Alpha Chemical Society, helping stage demos for visiting summer camps. At Emory, he looks forward to getting excited about new research projects and learning more about teaching as a TA. Outside of chemistry, Cam enjoys theatre and improv and hopes to eventually start a graduate improv troupe at Emory.

Divisions of Interest: Inorganic, Organic, Physical

Meet the New Graduate Class: Ian Pavelich

Ian Pavelich
Ian Pavelich

Ian Pavelich comes to Emory from the Milwaukee School of Engineering—“it was an extremely difficult four years, but it left me a focused engineer with a unique skill set.” In Milwaukee, Ian also had the opportunity to participate in both educational and scientific research, preparing him to hit the ground running at Emory. Ian identified Emory as his top school early in the application process and felt at home after coming to visit Atlanta. He joined the Emory community this summer, doing research in the Salaita Lab.

“Just to show the dedication I had to moving my life to Atlanta, I drove for 14 straight hours with the help of my partner to manage the move-in just days after I graduated. On top of the 14 hours, I also finished the move-in and unpacked everything once my parents showed up with all the food needed to refuel!”

Division of Interest: Biomolecular

What Ian is Most Looking Forward to at Emory: “Everything! Taking specialized classes, learning to teach, and performing impactful research are all exciting prospects. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to being a part of LGS and the Emory community.”

Meet the New Graduate Class: Ha An Nguyen


Ha An Nguyen
Ha An Nguyen

Ha An Nguyen comes to Emory from the University of Richmond. Originally, she intended to study engineering in college, but sitting in on a philosophy class during a campus visit convinced her that she would benefit from a liberal arts education. Beyond Emory’s liberal arts mission, Ha An was drawn to Emory because of our research strengths and our close-knit community. She says: “I would like to do exciting, interdisciplinary research that will let me learn and master various laboratory techniques and gain a deep understanding of the chemistry behind a cellular process.”

Division of Interest: Biomolecular

What makes Ha An Unique: I was born in India and grew up in Turkey, Vietnam and Pakistan. And I really, really love food!

What Ha An is Most Looking Forward to at Emory: Everything!

Meet the New Graduate Class: Micah Eller

Micah Eller
Micah Eller

Micah Eller comes to Emory from Tennessee Technological University—the same school attended by his parents and siblings! The small chemistry department at TTU gave Micah the opportunity to get to know the faculty and to participate in undergraduate research. At Emory, he is particularly interested in getting involved in spectroscopy research. He is also interested in dynamics and kinetics. In his free time, Micah enjoys video games and has spent “way too much time” playing World of Warcraft. In future, he is interested in being a faculty member at a PUI. 

Division of Interest: Physical

Meet the New Graduate Class: Siying Cen

Siying Cen
Siying Cen

Siying Cen comes from Liuzhou, a southern city in China. As a result, she feels comfortable about Atlanta’s weather. Siying Cen gradated from Wuhan University, China. Her research background is in synthesis and analysis, but she is now interested in biophysics. Siying loves singing a lot and want to set up a “chemrus” in the Department of Chemistry.

Divisions of Interest: Biomolecular, Physical

Meet the New Graduate Class: Chenxi Cai

Chenxi Cai
Chenxi Cai

Chenxi “CiCi” Cai comes to Emory from the South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China. She chose Emory for the excellent research and the beautiful environment and in her first year, Chenxi is most looking forward to completing research rotations and serving as a TA. She is particularly interested in biophysics research. On her journey to Atlanta, Chenxi transferred planes in Korea and had an unexpectedly great time spending a day and night in the airport, exploring new food and stores.

Division of Interest: Biomolecular