Second Annual Side by Side Clubhouse and Emory Department of Chemistry Picnic

On Wednesday, June 10th, chemistry staff held their annual service-oriented team building. Staff were given the opportunity to help throw a picnic for members of Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse at Stone Mountain Park’s Grist Mill Pavilion. Rehabilitation at Side by Side focuses on the abilities, strengths and volunteer efforts of members who work side by side with staff to manage all operations of the Clubhouse. The funds for the picnic were raised during Side by Side’s annual “Jawbones versus Sawbones” basketball game fundraiser and the residents chose the picnic as their preferred activity. Chemistry staff appreciated the opportunity to prepare barbecue, play games, and make liquid nitrogen “chemistry” ice cream with Side by Side members and staff. This was chemistry’s second year of volunteering at the picnic and our staff hope that this might become an annual tradition!

Chemistry and the Atlanta Science Festival

Undergraduate Chris Hernandez. Photo by Emory Photo/Video.
Undergraduate Chris Hernandez. Photo by Emory Photo/Video.

ChEmory, Emory’s undergraduate ACS club, presented demos at the 2014 Atlanta Science Festival. The demos were the featured entertainment during intermission of the “Science at Emory: The Lab Changing the World” even. At the same event, Susanna Widicus Weaver gave a public talk titled “Chemical Complexity in the Universe” to an audience of over 200. Over 40 audience members visited the department for lab tours following the event. Thanks to event organizers Ilya Nemenman (Physics), David Lynn, Simon Blakey, and graduate student Darcie Cook.

ChEmory demos were again featured at the Exploration Expo held downtown at the Georgia World Congress Center on the last day of the festival. Chemistry undergraduate Chris Hernandez was featured in an Emory Report article about the demos. Jeremy Weaver was featured in a WSB-TV video advertising the festival.

Emory Department of Chemistry graduate student Brandon Greene organized the popular “Science of Beer” event during the Atlanta Science Festival. The event sold out within a day of tickets being made available online, although Pi Alpha Chemical Society made additional tickets available to our graduate students at no charge. The event featured talks about the chemistry of beer and yeast by speakers including Prof. Emily WeinertMonday Night Brewing Company provided three special beers for attendees that helped to illustrate the concepts described in the talks.

Science Olympiad at Emory

The high school Science Olympiad was once again held at Emory on March 1st, 2014. Over 200 student, staff, and faculty volunteers–led by event organizer Dr. Mike McCormick–made the event a success. Next year, Emory will host the regional competition.

Eduardo Garcia Receives 2013 McMullan Award

Congratulations to Eduardo Garcia (13C) for being awarded the prestigious 2013 Lucius Lamar McMullan Award seeks to reward Emory College graduates who show extraordinary promise of becoming our future leaders and rare potential for service to their community, the nation, and the world. The winner receives $25,000 at the time of graduation to be used for any purpose of his or her choosing. The McMullan Award is presented at the College Diploma Ceremony of the May 2013 Commencement.

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