Welcome to the Fall 2018 Entering Graduate Class!

We are excited to announce the names of our 2018 entering cohort. This group of early career scientists is distinguished by their broad research experience and training, including summer REUs and participation in programs including:

  • DAAD-Rise Fellowship
  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
  • Emory STEM Research Symposium
  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship
  • McNair Scholars
  • NIH Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD)

A majority of the class has at least one paper published or under review. Many students have experience with mentoring, including undergraduate TA, tutoring, and Peer Leader appointments. As a group, these students also share long-term engagement in volunteer projects and STEM outreach. While a majority of the class is joining Emory directly from their undergraduate careers, a handful  are moving on to the PhD track from post-grad laboratory careers. Several will be the first in their family to earn a PhD.

In addition, this class includes:

  • a former zookeeper/science educator
  • a pair of former college roommates
  • a Starbucks “Coffee Master”
  • a “Most Athletic” award winner
  • an Emory College alum and the child of an Emory College alum

Each of these students has their own story to tell and incredible potential to draw on Emory resources to forge an amazing scientific career.

Entering Class of 2018

Ryan Allen
Villanova University

Paul Beasley
Earlham College

Tamra Blue
Georgia State University

Ting Cheng
Peking University

Adrian Demeritte
St. John’s University

Zackery Dentmon
Mercer University

Christella Dhammaputri
Emory University

Ordy Manuela Gnewou
Lehman College

Ayda Gonzalez de la Nuez
Bard College

Amber Harris
James Madison University

Sheng He
Dalian University of Technology

Cecilia Hendy
College of Charleston

Michael Hollerbach
College of Charleston

Yuesong Hu
Lanzhou University

Renke Huang
Southern University of Science and Technology

Alyssa Johnson
College of Charleston

Diane Karloff
Duke University

Sara Konecny
Georgia Institute of Technology

David Laws
Coastal Carolina University

Maizie Lee
California State University – Fresno

Qinyi Lu
University of Science and Technology

Andrew Mahoney
Gettysburg College

Brea Manuel
Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge

Sam Mckinnon
Mississippi State University

Quincy McKoy
University of Richmond

Duong Nguyen
Mount Holyoke College

Selma Piranej
Loyola University – Chicago

Jessalyn Rogers
Western Washington University

Chase Schultz
Alma College

Jack Sharland
Bowdoin College

Racheal Spurlin
North Carolina State University

Jiayue Sun
Syracuse University

Tiffany Trieu
University of Central Florida

Ailing Yu
Lanzhou University

Cassandra Zaremba
Xavier University


How to Respond to an Offer of Admission to the PhD Program in Chemistry

Students shake hands at a Recruitment Weekend poster session.
Students shake hands at a Recruitment Weekend poster session.

If you received a 2018 offer to join our PhD program, congratulations!

Emory University’s Laney Graduate School is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and we do not require any student to respond to an offer of admission prior to April 15th. However, we would love to hear from you as soon as you know your decision!

To officially accept an offer of admission, you should log in to CollegeNET and follow these instructions.

If you have questions–about your offer, the program, or anything else–please feel free to contact us at gradchem [at] emory [dot] edu.

Congratulations, 2016-2017 Graduates!

Dr. David Lynn shows of his Emory robes and chemistry sunglasses at graduation in 2016.
Dr. David Lynn shows of his Emory robes and chemistry sunglasses at graduation in 2016.

On Monday, May 8th, the Department of Chemistry will celebrate the graduation of 75 undergraduate chemistry majors, 6 M.S. recipients, and 16 new PhDs. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Graduates: Make sure to send your forwarding (non-Emory) email address to Ethel Ellington. We will send a link to photos taken during Monday’s reception to this address.

Sarah Catherine Anderson (B.S.)

Joshua H. Bartlett (Ph.D.)

Adam Bezdek (B.S.)

Joseph Brian Birchansky (B.S.)

Chloe Biren (B.S.)

Jonathan Gerhart Broniec (B.B.A.)

Norbert Wade Bull (B.A.)

Jasmine Elizabeth Carrothers (B.S.)

Sophie Leyla Cemaj (B.S.)

Yuan Chang (Ph.D.)

Yizhi Chen (B.A.)

Joan S. Cheng (B.S.)

 Matthew David Chuba (M.S.)

Juan Diego Cisneros (B.A.)

Somnath Das (B.A.)

Christella Dhammaputri (B.S.)

Jieming Fu (B.S.)

Liangbing Fu (Ph.D.)

Vanessa Min Fu (B.A.)

Kornelia Delfina Galior (Ph.D.)

Nathan Lee Grant (B.S.)

Weiwei Guo (Ph.D.)

Shruti Gupta (B.S.)

Kevin Patrick Hannon (M.S.)

Hannah Harris (B.S.)

David Hercules (B.S.)

Sabrina E. Iskander (B.S.)

Hanjie Jiang (B.S.)

Shijian Jin (B.S./M.S.)

Shashank Kalanithi (B.A.)

Arshad Karumbamkandathil (M.S.)

Austin Jaehyun Kim (B.S.)

Christopher Philip Kontoghiorghes (B.S.)

Alexis Kosiak (B.S.)

Ryan A. Kristensen (B.A.)

Collin D. Kroll (B.S.)

Shoeb Lallani (B.S.)

Chi Huu Hong Le (B.S.)

Moon Young Lee (B.S.)

Sarah Joy Lewis (B.A.)

Rocky Kee Li (B.S.)

Tonia Li (B.S.)

Chen Liang (Ph.D.)

Yichu Lin (B.S.)

Yang Liu (Ph.D.)

Yuh-jong Liu (B.S.)

Elizabeth Laird Magnotti (Ph.D.)

Lucas Man (B.S.)

Shaminy Anne Manoranjithan (B.S.)

Walker Marsh (B.S.)

Morgan Nicole McCabe (M.S.)

Alexander John Mesko (M.S.)

Hannah Marie Meyer (B.S.)

Sahil Mithwani (B.A.)

Christoffel Gerardo Molina-Roman (B.A.)

Grant Murphy (B.S.)

Ben Seth Natinsky (B.S.)

Naveed Shiraz Noordin (B.A.)

Ting Pan (M.S.)

Shangrila Parvin (B.S.)

Brandi Paul (B.S.)

Jessica Phillip (B.S.)

Alexia Marie Prokopik (B.S.)

Zhiyu Qian (B.S.)

Chen Qu (Ph.D.)

Muhammad Ali Rashid (B.A.)

Claire Elizabeth Richardson (B.S.)

Martin-Louis Riu (B.S.)

Havi Beth Rosen (B.A.)

Shelly Rani Saini (B.S.)

Vivek Sawhney (B.S.)

Jake Austin Schlessinger (B.B.A.)

Elaine Young Sim (B.S.)

Jasmina Solankee (B.A.)

Watchapol Sowapark (B.S.)

Michelle Stofberg (B.S.)

Michael Neal Sullivan (Ph.D.)

Andrew Tran (B.S.)

Phong Tran (B.S.)

Joshua Laine Traynelis (B.S.)

Nohemi Dxandi Trevino-Garrido (B.S.)

Christian Wallen (Ph.D.)

Frank Xuan Wang (B.A.)

LaKeisha Tanay Waters (B.A.)

Joshua M. Werman (B.S.)

Marika Wieliczko (Ph.D.)

Sarah Marie Lauinger Wilkening (Ph.D.)

Alfred H. Wong (B.S.)

Katherine June Woolard (B.S.)

Thomas Yu Xia (B.S.)

Alice Athene Xu (B.S.)

Lewen Yang (Ph.D.)

Jacob Yi (B.A.)

Jonathan Zawadzki (B.A.)

Lina Zhang (B.A.)

Yilin Zhang (B.S.)

Yun Zhang (Ph.D.)

Luyao Zou (Ph.D.)

Congratulations, Dr. Galior!

Kornelia poses with her group and her best friend after a successful defense.
Kornelia poses with her group and her best friend after a successful defense.

Kornelia Galior successfully defended her thesis, “Protein-Based Tension Probes: From Mapping Integrin Adhesion Forces to the Mechanopharmacology of Smooth Muscle Cells” on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017. Kornelia’s thesis committed was led by Khalid Salaita with Vince Conticello and David Lynn as additional members.

During her time at Emory, Kornelia received two Quayle awards. She will start a clinical chemistry fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in July.

Congratulations, Kornelia!

Congratulations, Dr. Liangbing Fu!

Liangbing FuLiangbing Fu successfully defended his thesis, “Expanding the Scope of Reactions and Applications of Donor/Acceptor Rhodium(II)-carbenes” on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016. Liangbing’s thesis committed was led by Huw Davies with Simon Blakey and Lanny Liebeskind as additional members.

Earlier this year, Liangbing received the Quayle Advanced/Senior Student Award. During his time at Emory, he published four first-author papers, among others. His first author paper in JACS expanded the scope pf Donor/Acceptor carbene C-H insertion reactions to include relatively electron-deficient substrates. 

Liangbing is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Georgia Tech.

Congratulations, Liangbing!

Emory at SACNAS 2016

Ann Dasher. Photo by Jessica Lily Photography.
Ann Dasher. Photo by Jessica Lily Photography.

The graduate program in chemistry at Emory will attend the annual SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science) conference in Long Beach, California. Ann Dasher, Graduate Program Development Coordinator will be at booth #414. Stop by to meet Ann along with some of our graduate students. We’ll have program literature available as well as some great Emory swag. Lloyd Munjanja from the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization–which has its headquarters at Emory–will also be attending the conference at booth #1019.

If you cannot attend SACNAS–or if you need more information about the graduate program–visit the Prospective Students page on our website. The fee-free application deadline is midnight on October 31st. The final application deadline is January 3rd, 2017.


Congratulations, Dr. Yun Zhang!

Yun Zhang. Photo provided by Yun Zhang.
Yun Zhang. Photo provided by Yun Zhang.

Yun Zhang successfully defended her thesis, “Development of DNA-based Molecular Tension Probes to Investigate Integrin Mechanical Forces” on Monday, July 18th, 2016. Yun’s thesis committee was led by Khalid Salaita with Brian Dyer and Stefan Lutz as additional members. Yun will stay on at Emory as a postdoctoral scholar in the Salaita Lab. In the fall, she will begin a position as the manager of an instrument center in the Department of Chemistry at Sichuan University in China.

Congratulations, Yun!