Congratulations, Dr. Michael Sullivan!

Michael Neal Sullivan successfully defended his dissertation, “Electronic Spectroscopy of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Group IIA Metallic Oxides ” on Monday, April 10th, 2017. Michael’s committee was led by Michael C. Heaven with Tim Lian and Susanna Widicus Weaver as additional members.

During his time at Emory, Michael received the 2012 Outstanding TA Award for his work in physical chemistry lab. He also completed two internships (summer 2013 and 2014) at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Albuquerque, NM. 

Next up, Michael will start a postdoctoral position with Dr. Lei Zhu at the New York Dept. of Health, Wadsworth Center in Albany, NY at the end of June.

Congratulations, Michael!

Congratulations, Dr. Yang Liu!

Yang Liu in the lab. Photo provided by Yang Liu.
Yang Liu in the lab. Photo provided by Yang Liu.

Yang Liu successfully defended his thesis, “Developing Nanoparticle-based Tools to Investigate Mechanotransduction at the Living/Nonliving Interface” on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016. Yang’s thesis committee was led by Khalid Salaita with Vince Conticello and Tianquan Lian as additional members. Yang receive the 2016 Quayle Outstanding Student Award in recognition of his work at Emory. After graduation, Yang will be a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of Dr. Taekjip Ha at Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, MD.

Congratulations, Yang!

Congratulations, Dr. Weiwei Guo!

Weiwei Guo. Photo provided by Weiwei Guo.
Weiwei Guo. Photo provided by Weiwei Guo.

Weiwei Guo successfully defended her thesis, “Polyoxometalate-based catalysts for toxic compound decontamination” on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016. Weiwei’s thesis committee was led by Craig Hill with Tim Lian and Chris Scarborough as additional members.

Weiwei is first author of the recently published “Broad-Spectrum Liquid- and Gas-Phase Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents by One-Dimensional Heteropolyniobates” in Angewandte Chemie.

Congratulations, Weiwei!

Congratulations, Dr. Elliot Glass!

Elliot Glass successfully defended his thesis, “Charge Separation in Polyoxometalate-Based Systems for Solar Energy Production” on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016. Elliot’s thesis committee was led by Craig Hill with Tim Lian and Christopher Scarborough as additional members. Elliot plans to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship.

Congratulations, Elliot!

Tim Lian Featured in Chemical and Engineering News

Tim Lian is featured in a recent Chemical and Engineering News article, “Success of Climate Change Deal Will Hinge on Chemistry” (subscriber access; Emory users can access via Woodruff Online Journals). The article highlights the key role of chemistry in the climate change talks in Paris in December. Dr. Lian’s research into light-driven charge transfer for solar energy conversion is highlighted.

Tim Lian Elected 2015 American Physical Society Fellow

Congratulations to Tim Lian for being elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society. The criterion for election is exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise; e.g., outstanding physics research, important applications of physics, leadership in or service to physics, or significant contributions to physics education. Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one’s professional peers.