Unexpected Love

Synopsis: It’s Prom night, but while everyone’s dancing, the only anomaly in the room is Marissa, the most beautiful girl in school. She doesn’t have a date, and while every boy is scrambling to ask her to dance, Dexter, the biggest nerd in school sits by the corner, reading a book. Dexter isn’t like his brothers, who are athletic, popular, and everything a teenage boy could’ve wished for. There’s no way that a nobody like Dexter can get the girl in the end, or is there?

Scene I:

Limousines and cars pull up one by one, in front of Elk Cinder High School, sweeping up leaves by the sidewalk.  Students exit their rides and quickly scramble to the other ends of their vehicles to chivalrously open the door for their dates. Others greet their friends with laughs, complementing each other’s suits and dresses, posing for photos. Like the various colored dresses and ties, the atmosphere is enlivened by the mixture of emotion, giving off glows of nervousness, joy, and anticipation.

It’s Prom night.

This is an important day for seniors, a tradition that marks the end of their student life and beginning of an exciting new chapter in society. To their young hearts, this is also the day when lovers deepen their bond and create lifelong memories, while others find love.

The flowers, the setting sun, the warm summer breeze, come together and paint a scene with delicate perfection. With a date or not, everyone’s going to enjoy the night.

As students make their way to the dance indoors, the last car arrives. The doors open, and three boys steps out. Though covered with suits, their massive athletic bodies still stubbornly pressure the buttons that hold in their brawny muscles, which pulse with veins when they make the slightest movement. Jack, Steve, and Max (last name), the triplets, the celebrities of the school, star players of the football team.

Following their robust strides, juxtaposing with their ambience and physical prowess, is their little brother, the runt of the pack, Dexter. Compared with not just his brothers, but the entire school, Dexter is scrawny, and scraggly. Before Dexter could get out, Jack turned around:

“Park our car loser! We’re late only because you were picking a book…” Jack commands as he throws his key to Dexter.

“Yeah! Who even reads during prom? What a NERD” gibes Steve. “Just stay away from us tonight, we don’t want you embarrassing–”

The three’s verbal assault is cut off when they see her…

The most beautiful, perhaps it’s not an exaggeration to say- the most attractive girl in the entire school- Marissa Sanders. Her brunette hair rests on her shoulders, with a golden gradient near the end, like an exquisite curtain of gold. A thin layer of makeup is able to support her glow that radiates from her sapphire eyes, deep and pure like the ocean. Wearing a long tight red dress with black heels, she passes the groups of students, whose eyes all seem to be magnetized to her dazzling beauty, and makes her way into the ballroom.

“Look! It’s HER!” Jack whispers to his brothers as they stalk behind her, like pestering flies. VERY large and muscular flies.

“My god she’s SO HOT today!” Max exclaims quietly, not wanting Marissa to hear.

Of course, Marissa hears their trivial remarks. Oh it’s them again. She thinks to herself.

She’s definitely familiar with the reputation the three have.

Marissa thinks she’s just like all the other girls, though that’s not the case. She’s smart, kind, and beautiful; however, she doesn’t attract jealousy, only praise.

Unlike others, she has no interest in the muscular boys. She wants something different, which she couldn’t find anywhere around the school.

Yet, She feels like this is her night to shine and she will let no one ruin her night, the one night every girl has looked forward to since they were young. She decides that she will try her best to ignores the 3 jocks.


Meanwhile, snailing through asphalt of the large school parking lot, Dexter steers his brothers’  rustic, reeking car to make a full stop in between the slots. He picks up the book sitting on his lap, and contemplates whether to go through with his plans to go to the prom. Dexter…to put simply, is not like the other boys at school.

No, he doesn’t have muscles. No, he doesn’t play sports. No, he doesn’t have the popularity, or the group of friends giving him high fives, and circling him as he walks in the hallway to his next class. No, that life is for his brothers.

Personally, Dexter prefers staying in doors. He chooses to study, or dabble in role playing games during his free time. Nobody knows him anyways. It’s not like he even EXISTS in the school. Which brings him to the question:  Should he go “celebrate” with his peers who barely knows him? Or should he have stayed home and studied for his upcoming exam?

Then it struck him…She’s going to be there…Marissa Sanders…his biggest crush since middle school…

She’s absolutely stunning. A complete goddess.

He looks at himself in the reflective glass of the car, polishing his look and looking at himself in the mirror, making sure he looks as dashing as his level 83 pyromaster.

As Dexter makes his way towards the ballroom, he quickly slouches. Who does he think he is? She wouldn’t pay attention to him…A girl like Marissa probably has a date already.

“This night is probably going to be boring. I might as well just study…” Dexter thought as he sits down in the corner of the ballroom, and opens his book.

Each of the jocks eyes Marissa as if she were a shiny golden trophy, ready to be given to whoever can win her over. They believe that their obvious display of strength and athleticism will be what will reel her in.

“I promise you all that if I had the chance, she would totally be mine.” declared Steve

“Nah, not a chance bro. She’ll definitely fall for me as soon as she lays her eyes on me.” Jack says in disagreement.  .

“But, what is she doing by herself? Did she not bring a date?” Steve questions his two brothers.

“No, it doesn’t seem like it to me. How about that, Max? Max?”

Jack is left talking to himself, for Max wastes no time at all in going over to Marissa. He is determined to be the one guy whom she will dance with that evening.

Sneaking to Marissa’s side and taking initiative, Max asks, “Hey babe, I bet you’re in need of someone tonight. Nobody is going to be a good enough as me.”

Marissa, in disgust, pushes him away and tells him in a scolding manner, “Ugh, get away from me. You’re one of the last people who I would consider spending prom with.”

She walks away, glad to have gotten rid of Max. However, it was not long until Steve approaches her.

“Hey sweetie. Don’t worry about my brother Max there. How about we just ditch this prom and head somewhere else? Just you and me.” he tells her, ending in a suggestive wink.

“Do you think I was born yesterday? You’re not going to fool me with your lame attempts at sweet-talking me into what you want. Just scram before I get you kicked out of here.” she says sternly, clearly in disgust.

“Ah, whatever. You’ll just come running back to me anyway.” Steve concedes.

Wanting a drinking after reprimanding the two jocks, she makes her away over to the punch station. Before having the opportunity to satiate her thirst, Jack blocks her path.

“Hey Marissa, you little hottie. Forget about my two other brothers. Clearly I’m the one meant for you. Look at my hard muscles and all of my brawn. How can you not want me as your date tonight?”

At this point, Marissa is fuming. Not only is she not able to get a drink that she so desperately wants, but also there is another one of the jock brothers in her way. She is enraged and has had enough.

“Look here. I don’t care if you’re the most athletic jock in this school. You and your other brothers are all the same. Don’t you ever consider that there are other things that can make a guy desirable?” said Marissa.

“Come on Marissa, you know I’m irresistible.” insists Jack.

Marissa exclaims, “Oh my goodness! Does your brain not comprehend what I’m saying? Get out of my way and stop ruining my night!”

The three jock brothers then meet up, all dumbfounded due to the fact that Marissa refused to be their date. At this point, Dexter returns with the keys, which he returns to Jack. He snatches them and immediately commands Dexter to leave their sight. Little did they know that the unimaginable was yet to happen.

As the night settles, the mood begins to heat up. Students fill every corner of the ballroom. Some are chatting with their friends by the tables, sipping on fruit punch, while watching others dance on the dance floor in the middle of the room.

Despite wearing tight suits, dancers show off their dance moves, while the crowd watches in amazement in the circle of people. The DJ plays the most popular tunes, and the crowd cheers in excitement and begins to sing along.

The room is filled with waves after waves of laughs and joy.

Around the exits, chaperone teachers watch as they rock their own bodies to the beat.

Tonight, the young men and women are not students, but teenagers, celebrating their youthful freedom and the upcoming graduation. They let go of all their concerns- homework, grades, college applications- and dance their hearts out.

The night has just begun!


Scene II:

The prom night begins to pick up more than ever. At this point, it seems like all who had planned to come had already arrived. Everyone is in an upbeat mood as the music draws some of them ever closer to the dance floor. Others are catching up with friends on the sides, for it might be the last time they speak to each other before college.  The chaperones are playing less and less attention to what is happening in the center the dance floor and for the most part, anywhere else. They would rather be at home resting than supervising a multitude of teenagers who wish that there were not present as well. Some are very unfortunate that they must also stay for the afterprom, which will start promptly at midnight. In fact, midnight will come very fast to the students at prom. Since they have been enjoying themselves during this special night, they have lost track of the time. It was not until about eleven-thirty when the music blasted from the DJ’s speakers abruptly came to a stop.

“Hello students! This principle Charming speaking. I wanted to make you all aware that the afterprom will begin shortly. Please start making your way off the dance floor in the next thirty minutes.”

After a few groans from the students on the dance floor, the DJ immediately returns to playing the last few songs for the evening. Although it seems that the night is ending, it is actually just getting started for a few of the students.


Peering at the small, scrawny boy in the corner, Marissa soon catches a glimpse of Dexter and approaches him.

“Hey, can I sit with you? I’m having a terrible night…those three jocks have been pestering me nonstop” She says as she plops down next to Dexter

“Ohhh…those are my brothers. Sorry, they can be a bunch of pompous jerks who scoff at anyone that won’t worship them and their football record…” Dexter apologizes to Marissa as he closes his book hastily and nervously.

“I’m Dexter by the way…” His luscious, brown locks dangle down and gives Dexter a kind of flattering look that works for him. His glasses add to his genuine, intellectual aesthetic that Marissa has honed in on. Marissa notices and becomes intrigued with each passing moment of refreshing conversation after the jocks’ situation. At this point, Dexter’s hands and his feet are cold, shriveled in perspiration from the dread of this very moment: he finally has the opportunity to talk to his biggest crush since middle school.

“Hey it’s totally fine haha….but woah wait what book did you just have there….I think I have the same one” Marissa exclaims.

“Yeah haha it’s the original version of Cinderella, by Charles Perrault. I have an exam on it next week; I just really wish it wasn’t on the first day after prom!” Dexter laughs shakily.

“Hey, sometimes you have to live a little and be in the moment” Marissa smiles at Dexter as she blushes. She looks down at the floor. brushing her feet in a side to side motion while Dexter takes his glasses off to polish them with his shirt.

Dexter continues to flip through his book intently, every so often sneaking a quick glance at her. Marissa doesn’t mind though; She’s interested and kind of entertained by the fact that he’s scrambling through a book at prom.. “Wow, he’s such a smart, passionate guy…..and he’s pretty cute” Marissa thinks to herself chuckling a bit. She laughs graciously and continues to look at Dexter in a starstruck gaze.



As the atmosphere between the two starts heating up, the conversation dies down.

Dexter tries to seem nonchalant, but is drowning in the flames of self-consciousness. What am I doing? I’m messing this up! She’s not talking…OH NO…she is grossed out by me.  

Marissa, on the other hand, is deep in thought.

“Can it be? That Dexter is who I’ve been looking for all this time?” This very thought gives Marissa shivers of exhilaration.

“A-a-re you cold? H-h-here-! Take my jacket!” Dexter jumps and shivers harder than Marissa.

“Aww, thank you!” Marissa smiles, and rubs her shoulders as Dexter wraps his suit jacket around her shoulders.

From the soft fabric, she can feel heat enter her body, carrying a slight scent of lavender.

Marissa blushes. What a gentleman…

She glances at Dexter, who continuously flips through the book, mumbling words from the text. Marissa deeply feels as if she just experienced her dream coming true, like fitting the two people together like puzzle pieces.

“This might be weird…but there’s something about you…I don’t know…that just seems different, (…say…do you want to dance?” Marissa asks.

“I’m not much of a dancer” Dexter shifts his gaze.

“Let loose, put the book away, and let’s go dance.” Quickly takes off the jacket and places it on the table nearby while stating “Prom night is a lifetime opportunity, that shouldn’t be WASTED.”! Just follow me!” Marissa grabs Dexter’s hands, and dragged him like a ragdoll to the dance floor.



Like vines, anger, disappointment, and disbelief creep into the simple minds of Steve, Max, and Jack. They can’t discern which is more shocking, the fact that Marissa snapped them, or that their skimpy runt of a brother is holding Marissa’s hands, and swaying in the middle of the dance floor.

“What in the world…” Steve gasps.

“What’s that loser doing with her!?” Jack growls, gripping his hair while veins pop everywhere on his body.

“…*what*…?” Max manages to squeeze out a high-pitched squeal. His jaw is hanging so low that it almost touches the floor.

The three’s reactions are understandable. All their lives, they’ve been the star of the town. When they ask for something, they get it. No one- not parents, not teachers, not friends, and certainly not girls- can resist them. They are complacent, and confident that Marissa, like all the other girls, will fall inevitably for them. Now, not only did she reject them, she’s also dancing with Dexter, the least athletic, the NERD who decides to READ at prom! They’ve feared that Dexter would embarrass them at prom, but they have never expected him to have the audacity to trample on their pride like this.

“Let’s get him…” Jack leads the pack with bloodshot eyes and a puffing red face, cracking his knuckles.

Like dogs whose bones have been snatched right from their mouths, the disgruntled trio advances towards Dexter and Marissa, attempting to break up the two. Dexter made a bold move, stealing their “trophy”, and for that, he must pay.


Dexter and Marissa dance together for the first time. Marissa knows what she is doing and can easily move with the music. Dexter, however, is struggling for he had never danced before in his life. Even though Dexter was a novice, Marissa did not seem to be bothered. She is beyond pleased with finally meeting a guy who did not see her as an object. She feels that Dexter genuinely views her as a human who has feelings and desires. For a few minutes, they enjoyed each other’s company. They gazed into the eyes of their partner as if they had found love. Suddenly, Dexter, out of the corner of his eye, notices his jock triplets approaching him and Marissa. He sees that they have angry expressions on their face, their enraged eyes staring straight at them, and fists clenched into a punching position. Dexter knows well what those signs meant. It was imperative that he leave the prom before he became a victim of a beating from his jock bothers. He did not want to leave Marissa; he recognized that for the first time tonight they were having such a great time. However, just the thought of being harmed again by his brothers is not worth it.

“Hey Marissa! I’m so sorry, but I have an assignment to work on! I forgot all about it!” Dexter says rapidly.

“What? You’re leaving? Are you sure? Can I come with you?” Marissa asks.

“There’s no time to explain. I’m so sorry for ruining everything. You wouldn’t even want to be with a nerd anyway” Dexter confessed as he released himself from Marissa’s grasp and ran from the prom, leaving her standing alone, in the middle of the dance floor.

Dexter runs, and runs. He knows that he won’t be able to outrun his brothers. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up to him. Checking his back, Dexter is surprised to find that his brothers are not chasing him outside.

Rekindling with hope, he runs back to the ballroom.

Attempting to reenter prom, he found himself trying to open a locked door. “No reentry after 12AM” the sign spells out. Dexter checks his watch. It was twelve o’ three. Defeated, he walks home, knowing that his brothers are not going to offer him a ride home. Dexter thinks he has ruined his chances of being with Marissa. She probably hates him for Dexter’s leaving her behind. Little does he know, however, who will be showing up the next day.

Scene III:

“It is just meant to be” Dexter thinks to himself.

“To be fair, I DO have an assignment due”

He gets home, opens his laptop…….and realizes….his assignment due date was that same day, but next week. In a breath of exhaustion, he decides to move to his bed and sleep frustrated because of his lost opportunity with Marissa.

Desolated, Dexter jumps into bed, and buries his face into his pillow.

Marissa, still left abandoned at the prom, aimlessly passes the time for a few minutes before returning home herself. She reflects on the night and goes to bed….thinking of Dexter.

The following morning Dexter and Marissa are hopelessly looking for one another throughout the school day to no avail, skipping lunch to continue. This is until they both decide to walk to their favorite fast food place, Cinderella’s Diner, after school by coincidence – hungry and weary.



Dexter stands hunched in front of the tall glass door of Cinderella’s diner, and produces a beaten sigh. He spent the weekend after prom tossing and turning in his bed, frantically pacing around the house, suffocating in the worry of seeing Marissa again at school, or worse, never seeing Marissa again. Every minute that passed at school today drew him closer towards the latter. Every step he takes drains him of energy and hopes of seeing the girl of his dreams that he so foolishly gave up last Friday.

She must hate me now…after all she must have felt terrible being ditched, especially by ME! The social outcast of the entire school…

Dexter looks up at his obscure twin in the reflective glass. Anyone can see the miniature storm cloud, like those in cartoons, that is looming over his head, thundering down at his exacerbating mood.

I looked EVERYWHERE! I ran all over the school all lunch…she’s avoiding me, NO DOUBT

He summons the remaining strength left in his skimpy arm, and dragged it towards the metal handles.

Oh, the things I’ll say to her if I get to see her again! He thinks as he drops his forehead against the thick glass door, which opens sluggishly, ringing a small bell that sends a bright ring throughout the vacant, air conditioned diner. The poignant aroma of grease and coffee enters his nose, as the cold air brush past his arms. He looks up, and his dispirited eyes suddenly jolts as if he drank three shots of espresso. There she is- Marissa, sitting on a small red table.


Gently brushing her soft and delicate hair, Marissa turns and reads from the pages of her hard-covered book, but finds herself unable to focus. With her thumb on the corner of the page, Marissa is restlessly thinking about Dexter, who abruptly left her on prom night.

The same has happened the entire day today- her travelling to another world, indulged in fantasy that she felt that night at prom, which is now missing its protagonist, Dexter. She found a growing desire, as the day goes on, for classes to be over, so she can return her search for Dexter. She paced, and asked all around the school, but found no luck, for nobody…NOBODY…knew a boy by the name of Dexter.

As she continuously thinks about him, her mind is filled with questions:

what have I done wrong? OH GOD, What should I do now? Simultaneously, she tries to find answers to those inevitable feelings, “Well, maybe he didn’t find me interesting or maybe I was being too assertive…just because I like him doesn’t mean he has the obligation to feel the same…”

She sighs: “I guess it’s back to normal for me…the same old life…without Dexter”

As she gives up on her search, she hears a “Thump”, and looks up in surprise.

She follows with the same “Thump” as her book drops face flat on the table.

There he is, Dexter, bags on the ground, with books spilling over the floor, and eyes as wide as hard boiled eggs.

Dexter scrambles towards Marissa, and accidently kicks the edge of the table, as she quickly stands from her seat. The two shares a moment of silence, both not knowing what to say.

Scratching the back of his head, Dexter breaks the silence: “He…eey…”

“Hi Dexter…” Marissa stares at the ground…“About that night-“

“I am soooo sorry for leaving you like that at prom…” Dexter interrupts with a shaking voice.

“My assignment wasn’t even due that day, and I didn’t find out until I got home” Dexter mutters direly

The faltering flame of hope in Marissa’s heart that has deteriorated over the day begins kindling again. Before she can say anything else, Dexter apologizes again: “I really feel stupid for leaving such a stunning girl for an assignment that isn’t even due until next week.

Dexter is not thinking. After a weekend, and a full day of thoughts, Dexter realizes that never in his life has there been someone like him. Someone who shares the same interests, someone who makes him feel comfortable talking to. Someone he can’t afford to lose. She is the Cinderella to his love story.

“Ma-ma-marissa Ss-s-sanders!” Dexter declares. I can no longer be the coward I once was. IT’S NOW OR NEVER DEXTER!

“Ii-i-I’ve liked you for a long time! W-will you….g-go out with m-(cough)” Dexter stammers as he chokes. I-I just cannot contain myself any longer and this J-Just has to come out.

“Woah! You don’t need to speak so fast! It’s not like I would run away from you…” Marissa, who has recovered from the initial shock, smiles and blushes gently…when in her mind, she too, can hardly contain her excitement.

“…Not until I give this back to you…” She unzips her bag, and produces a small black suit jacket, the one Dexter left with her during prom. Though numerous people have approached her during high school, this is the first time someone has confessed to her. The other boys always force their feelings on her, never asking about hers. She smiles as she returns the jacket to its owner. Like the jacket, she has found comfort, resembling to home, like this is where she belongs. She wraps her arms around Dexter…

Dexter, now red as a tomato, asks: “D-d-d-does that mean…” Marissa interrupts him by placing her fingers on his lips.

“You know…for a boy who reads all these books…you sure are a slow learner…” Marissa teases as she leans in…

Dexter too, leans, and slowly closes his eyes.

Their lips meet each other, as the two wrap their arms around each other.

It’s at the moment, like pieces of a puzzle, arranged and guided by the stars, that their destinies join, in the vacant, air conditioned diner…the ceiling fans being the only source of sound in that moment, whirring seemingly infinitely.

The jocks, eager to get their overdue revenge on Dexter, are on their way to the restaurant.

“Oh, I can’t wait to bash his head in,” announces Steve, popping his knuckles.

“Yeah, he’ll think twice about stealing Marissa away from us after we teach him a little lesson,” declares Max.

The trio parks the car in the lot and head toward the front of the restaurant as Dexter and Marissa exit. Upon laying their eyes on Dexter, the jocks could no longer hold in their anger any longer. Jack dashes towards Dexter, whose face expresses fear as he knows what is about to happen. Before Jack could open his mouth, Marissa intervened by stepping in front of Dexter.“There is just no stopping you guys, isn’t there?” exclaimed Marissa. “Why do you guys want to get back at Dexter so badly?”

“Come on Marissa. What good is Dexter to you? He’s a little, weak dork. Stop wasting your time with him.”replied Steve as he and Max catch up.

“What do you guys mean he’s a dork?”

“Psh, what good is he? He’s a useless twerp, babe.” Steve clarifies.

“Yeah, how can you be with him?” questions Max.

“Hey Dexter, did you actually think you had a chance with Marissa? What? Do you think that she loves you or something?” Steve says degradingly.

“Ugh, don’t you guys understand anything about how love works?” Marissa says in a frustrated tone. “Can’t you all not accept that I like Dexter just the way he is?”

The jocks are struggling to understand why Marissa prefered someone like Dexter over them. They had worked hard to be one of the most desirable students in school. In their minds, all a girl wants in a guy is exactly the opposite of Dexter’s image. The fact that she has relentlessly defended Dexter begins to soften Jacks heart, for he comes to the realization that Marissa will not be budged.

“You must be delirious, Marissa.” admits Steve

“No, Steve.” sighs Marissa. “I’m sorry, but not every girl wants to be with guys like you all, including me. Sure, you all are athletes, tough, and strong, but I couldn’t care less. I’m interested in guys just like Dexter, intelligent, caring, and considerate. Unfortunately, each one of you lack these attributes, which is a deal breaker.”

“Marissa! What are you saying? What has gotten into your head?!”

“That’s it. I’ve had enough. It’s time this loser pays for what he’s ruined for us,” Steve declares as he raises his fist towards his little brother.

Dexter braces himself for the incoming punch, but was never stuck by his brother Steve.

“Stop, Steve,” Jack commands, blocking the incoming fist. “She’s right. We don’t have to act this way just because Marissa isn’t interested in us.”

“Jack!” Steve utters. “Not you too, bro! Let me have it with this scum!”

“Stop being so childish Steve!” commanded Jack. “You’re not going to hurt anyone today.”

As he puts Steve’s clenched fist down, Jack turns towards Marissa and Dexter.

“You know what Marissa, as much as I don’t want to admit it, you’re right.”

“What?!” said Max and Steve in disbelief.

“Boys, we can’t just force Marissa to like us if she doesn’t feel that way, y’know. Let them be. There’ll be a girl for all of us.” says Jack as he attempts to cut the tension.

“I don’t care!” “I’m not gonna let Dex-”

“Steve! Can you use your freakin ears for once?” exclaimed Max.

Although Jack’s intervention was not enough to cease Steve’s aggressiveness, Max changing sides seemed to have finally defeat Steve.

“Jack’s got a point, bro. There’ll be a girl just right for all of us. It doesn’t have to Marissa.” confesses Max.

“Look, I guess we were jealous that Dexter spent all of prom night with you, but I guess you are both happy together.” says Jack. “Let’s just leave.”

“But Jack-”

“No, Steve, let them be.” Jack demands.

The jocks, particularly Jack and Max, learned their lesson. They realized that they had been bullies all along because of the jealousy and arrogance that had blinded them. No matter what they did, nothing was going to convince Marissa otherwise because she and Dexter were destined to be together ever since the laid eyes on each on prom night.

The Jocks, shaken and dumbfounded from what had just unfolded in front of their eyes that day learned to respect Dexter. From henceforth on, they realized that he wasn’t just the nerd they were used to teasing and giving noogies to. He was a sensible guy with ambitions and goals and a certain charisma, something that Marissa saw in no other person. For the first time, Marissa met someone of genuine character, not the usual superficial jarhead that she’s used to. Slipping his jacket back on, Dexter exited the Diner with Marissa and exchanged numbers, smiling and capturing the moment. The sun rested on the skyline, right above the roof of the restaurant overlooking the two star crossed lovers. “Call me sometime” chuckled Marissa as she gave Dexter a peck on the cheek. Blushing in every which way possible, Dexter managed to let out an embarrassing, wheezing laughter. “Sure thing” he said as he opened the door of the diner for her, and walked her home . What Dexter didn’t know though, was that opening that door would open a world of adventure, love, and lifelong companionship that was unbeknownst to him.