Style Guide 1 – Group 3 Scene 1 Intro Visual Analysis

Group 3 in their first Scene had a very compelling story with vivid descriptions appealing to a reader using visual rhetoric through word choices and phenomena explained. The audience and the scene is set with a vivid prom scene,


“Limousines and cars pull up one by one, in front of (name) High School, sweeping up leaves by the sidewalk.  Students exit their rides and quickly scramble to the other ends of their vehicles to chivalrously open the door for their dates. Others greet their friends with laughs, complementing each other’s suits and dresses, posing for photos. Like the various colored dresses and ties, the atmosphere is enlivened by the mixture of emotion, giving off glows of nervousness, joy, and anticipation. It’s Prom night.”


From the leaves sweeping up on the concrete to the scrambling of the students, you get the feeling that high energy is transferring in the air. The party feels like a party and the event feels like memories are being cooked up with descriptions such as “Others greet their friends with laughs” and “the atmosphere is enlivened by emotion” not only emulating descriptions but emotions a reader can further dive into.  The descriptions become word candy just by a simple but effective introduction. The writers clearly took time in their efforts. Then you get a look at Marissa, one of the main protaganists,


“The most beautiful, perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say- the most attractive girl in the entire school- Marissa Sanders. Her brunette hair rests on her shoulders, with a golden gradient near the end, like an exquisite curtain of gold. A thin layer of makeup is able to support her glow that radiates from her sapphire eyes, deep and pure like the ocean. Wearing a long tight red dress with black heels, she passes the groups of students, whose eyes all seem to be magnetized to her dazzling beauty, and makes her way into the ballroom.”

The text evokes beauty not only by comparing her looks to gold a rare valuable commodity. A reader gets an effective feeling that this character is worth more that meets the eye and is lustrious and gives off a glow that “radiates”. Furthermore she grabs attention by keeping other students “magnetized” by her looks. All these descriptions serve as food crumbs leading a audience as a mouse through the story ever so reasonably. Supporting the sentiments of how this is a story of life and energy and beauty, after all it is a prom. A prom full of exuberating amounts of energy and luminence. Such descriptions serve only to inhance the theme of the story. A cinderella-esque story as it is meant to emulate similar undertones of beauty and energy through such descriptions. As in Cinderella itself, nothing would’ve happened without starting with a little magic, and the writers in Group 3 definitely provided the magic with their visual representations of the scene.