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Connections Pilot I – Civil War: Project Description

Connections Linked Data Initiative

Pilot Project #1 – Civil War data

What is the plan:

  • 3 month project
  • Transform, combine data from a sample of records from several different library “silos”
    (Starting with Finding Aids, Digitized regimental histories, and some other digital content
  • Also include data from external sources
  • And create some “native” linked data
  • Focus on a topic – U.S. Civil War (we may narrow this)
  • Give a demonstration of some of the uses and benefits of linked data
  • A written report

When:  July 1 – Sept. 30

Who’s doing it:

  • Laura Akerman (Lead), Kyle Fenton, Bernardo Gomez, Tim Bryson, KIm Durante, Elizabeth Roke, John Wang.
  • At least half of Laura’s time; a few hours a week from everyone else.
  • Sponsors:  John Ellinger, Lars Meyer

Why:   assess linked data potential usefulness for us, particularly its potential to:

  • Make resources discoverable in more meaningful ways
  • Make better connections across our collections (our silos) and to information available on the web
  • Enable us to harvest and use data from external sources and allow metadata creation at the “statement level”
  • Include linked data in our published web content to make it more findable/available to the world (as well as Emory users)
  • Raise consciousness among library staff – demonstrations with our own data
  • Replace MARC and/or library-centric XML-based data structures with more flexible RDF, giving use more options for tools
  • Fully realize the richness of our controlled vocabularies
  • Have a core group “get its feet wet” with linked data,
  • Experiment with open source tools for storage, query and display on the web
  • Share knowledge and raise consciousness among all library staff by showing them how it could work with our data

Link to the “long form” proposal

— Laura Akerman, 2012-08-15