Subcommittee to Examine Grievance Policies

During its September meeting, the Faculty Council elected to appoint an ad-hoc subcommittee to examine the various faculty grievance policies and procedures in place in the various schools within the university. This subcommittee will gather information and examine options for improving and clarifying the processes and policies available to faculty involved in disputes. The Faculty Hearing Committee (a subcommittee of the Faculty Council) is charged with examining disputes concerning concerning contract terminations only. And in 1998 the Council passed a resolution outlining a mediation procedure limited to questions between a faculty member and his or her dean.

“There are places where we can get certain questions answered,” said Council President Steve Everett, “but there is not a clear sense for how to deal with grievance at this university. Many other universities have a clear website that points you to a team of people who are the first step in handling a dispute on campus.”

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