Emory Dual Career Network Launched

The Faculty Council heard a brief presentation in November from Jennifer Jeffries-Gal- lagher, manager of the newly created Emory Dual Career Network. This new endeavor, launched as a partnership between Human Resources and the Office of the Provost, springs out of the initiative of the Work/Life Committee concerning dual couple recruit- ment recommendations. “We benchmarked with our peer organizations to see how they handled dual career recruitment issues,” Gallagher said, “and we found that almost all of them had dedicated staff or offices for this process.” The goal of the network is to provide job search information and assistance—both within and beyond Emory—free of charge to dual career spouses or partners beginning early in the recruitment process and extending for a year or until the individual is employed. In-depth information about the network, including eligibility and the process, is available at http://www.hr.emory.edu/emorydualcareernetwork/.

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