Around Campus: College and Graduate School

The challenges of securing space for academic programs around the university, the need for sabbaticals for non-tenure-track faculty, and increases in class enrollments were dis- cussed during the February meeting, as part of the practice of asking two council members to report on discussion topics from their schools. Emory College professor Holly York spoke about those issues, prompting Provost Earl Lewis to note that an effort is underway to clarify the use and associated costs of campus spaces. York and Cheryl Crowley also noted a recent rise in the number of students in classes for whom English is not their first language. The ESL program staff will present to the Council in September 2012. Laney Graduate School dean Lisa Tedesco also reported, noting that funding remains a priority action area, and that Emory must sustain competitive financial packages for graduate students and help students become more competitive for tightening job markets.


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