A Provost’s Parting Thoughts

Earl Lewis addressed the Faculty Council for the final time as Emory provost, before his departure to become president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Lewis identified several “macro-trends” he thinks will rise in significance in higher education in the next ten to thirty years—the durability of tenure and a shift in the profile of types of faculty appointments, the development of diverse leadership, dependence on philanthropy, and the articulation of the university’s value proposition to the broader community. “The overall ways we do business have been called into question,” he said. “I predict that the most selective, elite institutions in the United States may be changed in some fundamental way, but they will survive. What’s going to happen, however, is a whole tier of liberal arts colleges will disappear, and we probably will see mergers of some state institutions as a result of trying to find new ways of delivering education that is ‘affordable.’”


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