Calls to Strengthen Faculty Governance

A recurring theme resounded at the October Faculty Council from five representatives from Emory College and the Laney Graduate School who, in keeping with the practice of Council members reporting regularly on key issues from individual schools, summarized colleagues’ various responses to the restructuring recently announced in the two schools. “Many faculty understand that [Dean Robin Forman] was working within existing structures, and they want faculty governance strengthened, so that they have more input about decisions,” said Pamela Scully, representing Emory College colleagues. “It’s galvanized us,” added Kristin Wendland, representing lecture-track faculty. “I see of wave of energy for all the college faculty to be more active in governance.” Speaking as a member of the Executive Council of the Graduate School, Associate Professor of Political Science Jeff Staton raised a question about the lack of consultation with the Executive Council on decisions to suspend graduate programs in economics and Spanish. “The question for a number of members of the Council is, were we anything other than a curriculum committee?” he said. “Really, what were we doing there if we weren’t part of that process?”


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