35. Diastereoselectivity Enhancement in Cyclopropanation and Cyclopropenation Reactions of Chiral Diazoacetate Esters Catalyzed by Chiral Dirhodium(II) Carboxamides

Authors: Michael P. Doyle* , Marina N. Protopopova, Bridget D. Brandes, Huw M. L. Davies, Nicholas J. S. Huby, James K. Whitesell

Syn. Lett., 

19932, 151-153

The extent of stereodifferentiation in intermolecular cyclopropanation and cyclopropenation reactions has been determined with chiral diazoacetate esters possessing chiral auxiliaries derived from d- and l-menthol, (+)-trans-2-phenylcyclohexanol, and (-)-D-pantolactone, catalyzed by chiral dirhodium(II) tetrakis(methyl 2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylates).

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