83. Absolute configuration of C20H30O6Si, a species with a (1R,5R)-8-oxabicyclo[3.2.1]octa-2,6-diene core produced selectivity by the rhodium(II) octanoate catalyzed decomposition of a chiral vinyldiazomethane in the presence of furan

Authors: Melvyn Rowen Churchill, David George Churchill, Gulzar Ahmed, Huw M.L. Davies

J. Chem. Crystallography,

199929, 6, 713-717

The compound under investigation crystallizes in the noncentrosymmetric monoclinic space group P21 with a = 9.1798(23), b = 6.6606(18), c = 17.6591(41) Å, β = 94.342(20)° and Z = 2. The C20H30O6Si molecule contains three chiral centers (one of which is of known configuration, based upon an (R)-pantolactone auxiliary group). We have determined the absolute configuration of this species (via the anomalous dispersion of Si relative to C and O) and show that it is consistent with the known configuration of the (R)-pantolactone moiety

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