118. Facile Formation of Chloro−η3-Allyl Complexes by Reaction of Vinyldiazoacetates and Ruthenium(II) Arene Complexes

Authors: Hisao Nishiyama, Miyuki Konno, Katsuyuki Aoki Huw M. L. Davies


2002, 21 (12), 2536–2539


The reaction of vinyldiazoacetates 1 and ruthenium arene complexes 2 at room temperature resulted in the formation of a new type of chloro-substituted η3-allyl ruthenium complexes, 3, in high yield. The structure of 3a was determined by X-ray crystallographic analysis. The reaction of the ruthenium complexes 3a,d with styrene demonstrated that these complexes are capable of inducing a cyclopropanation reaction.

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