126. Asymmetric Intermolecular C−H Activation, Using Immobilized Dirhodium Tetrakis((S)-N-(dodecylbenzenesulfonyl)- prolinate) as a Recoverable Catalyst

Authors: Huw M. L. Davies and Abbas M. Walji

Org. Lett.,

2003, 5 (4), 479–482


Heterogenization of dirhodium tetrakis((S)-N-dodecylbenzenesulfonyl)prolinate) (Rh2(S-DOSP)4) can be readily achieved on a pyridine functionalized highly cross-linked polystyrene resin. The immobilized complex is readily recycled and exhibits excellent catalytic activity for asymmetric intermolecular C−H activation by means of rhodium carbenoid induced C−H insertion.

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