217. Sequential Transformations to Access Polycyclic Chemotypes: Asymmetric Crotylation and Metal Carbenoid Reactions

Authors: Jie Wu, Dr. Jorge Becerril, Yajing Lian, Prof. Dr. Huw M. L. Davies, Prof. Dr. John A. Porco Jr., Prof. Dr. James S. Panek

Angew., Chem. Int. Ed.

201150, 26, 5938-5942


All in order: Bicyclic and tricyclic chemotypes were accessed through the title transformations. By subsequent pairing of installed functional groups using Heck cyclization or [2+2] photocycloaddition, the synthesis of tetracycles, pentacycles, and condensed polycycles has been achieved with high stereochemical and skeletal variation.

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