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Spring 2023 marks the first year of Center for Faculty Development and Excellence’s (CFDE) pilot program, the DEI Fellowship. Fellows proposed DEI-related projects, for which they will undertake scholarly research Spring – Summer 2023 and become faculty leaders on their respective DEI topics. The 2023 cohort is comprised of 11 Emory faculty from disciplines such as medicine, nursing, STEM, business, sociology, WGSS, and the humanities. DEI Fellows come from both the Oxford and Atlanta campuses, and will focus on a range of topics including: neurodiversity, inclusive STEM teaching, Caste, universal design (UDL), DEI psychology casework, decolonizing the classroom, and dialogue across difference.

Guiding this work is the following question: how can we make our classrooms and campuses broadly accessible spaces, in which all students can fully participate and actively learn?

The pedagogies of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) address practical ways instructors can make their classrooms, labs, or clinical settings more welcoming and engaging environments for all. These pedagogies also touch on a range of current issues in higher education, such as unconscious bias and microaggressions, trigger warnings and safe space, academic freedom and free speech. All these issues are the subject of significant debates—not only amongst educators and school administrators, but also within public discourse and mainstream media.

DEI Fellow Aims 2022-2023

  • Support faculty from across the campus as they research and develop a project that focuses on a DEI topic that addresses needs at Emory
  • Share research and strategies with the campus community
  • Expand the university’s DEI/Inclusive Pedagogy training curriculum, as faculty add new material to existing offerings
  • Support equitable teaching practices in the undergraduate curriculum as part of wider effort to bolster the undergraduate academic experience at Emory
  • Foster disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary approaches to inclusive classrooms
  • Highlight existing faculty teaching expertise
  • Expand the cohort of people who can lead workshops on discipline-specific DEI issues