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Michael–M2–Did I choose the right goals?

Just to acknowledge it, the Module 2 readings and training in Scholarblog have me wondering if I’ve chosen the right course to retool for online instruction. The course I am starting with, History of Drama and Theater I, is an old (old) fashioned lecture course with powerpoint presentations and exams, and, while I have long-term goals with this course that I wanted to pursue by reworking it online, the fact is that I’d be inventing whole new ways of interacting with the students around this material, probably numerous new assignments, with new rubrics–it’s a lot of work! Whereas I have another existing course–Reading for Performance–that already has the more interactive rhythm suitable to, say, a course blog and VoiceThread responses. If I were au courant with the technology, I might be readier to shoulder the harder course re-design, but, as is–Leah, has anybody ever changed courses mid-course?