Georgia Cold Cases

The Georgia Cold Cases Project at Emory University investigates racially motivated civil rights-era murders that took place in the state from the end of World War II to the late 1960s. These are the cases that students have examined, are examining, or will examine in the future. If you have information about any of these cases, or would like to notify the project about a case we may not have listed, please contact us.

This is a map showing the location of all of the cases currently under investigation by the project. You can click on each one to learn more about each case.


The Police and the Jailers

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Eugene Magwood and the Trusty System - | By Taylor Madgett, Sonam Vashi, Sanai Meles, Nelson Adams | The May 15, 1958, edition of The Dawson News reported upon a seemingly ordinary incident that took place the previous morning: a car accident. The vehicle was completely totaled but its driver, Terrell County Sheriff Z.T. Mathews, survived. The description of Sheriff Mathews’ front-seat [...]
A Chief, a Coach, a Killer: Two Perspectives on Weyman B. Cherry - | By Lauren Browning | On Thursday October 29, 1970, the front page of The Dawson News greeted its readers with the stunning news that the police chief, Weyman Burchle Cherry, had died instantly the previous Saturday when his car crashed into the abutment of a railroad underpass. The crash had injured his two passengers [...]