Award-Winning Bar Advice — and Food Truck!

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The publication Texas Bar Today gives awards for law-related blog posts, and this academic support blog post was a recent winner! It’s great advice, so I share it with you: Bar Review Learning: What Happens in Lectures …

We look forward to seeing those of you who are in Atlanta today at 1 pm to enjoy a nutritious lunch from the Blaxican food truck! I’m not sure you can quite call it brain food, but the owner calls it Mexican soul food, and good nutrition does support better academic performance, which is good for the soul. This Atlanta-based food truck has won many food truck awards, including best in the US in 2015. Get a ticket voucher and an Emory Law bar readiness swag bag from Tanisha Pinkins 16L, Sei Yoshioka-Cefalo, or Jennie Geada Fernandez 03L, in Gambrell Hall. The food truck will be on the surface parking lot behind the law school from 1-2:30 pm, for this week’s “Well-Balanced Wednesday”. And for the rest of your bar study period, here’s a list of healthy, easy-to-find brain food snacks in addition to those pictured below, and here is another list with recipes. Enjoy!

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