Deadline to take the August MPRE is June 22!

If you are taking a bar exam in July but have not yet taken or passed the MPRE, it is strongly recommended that you register to take the August MPRE, so you can have completed bar-related test requirements by the time you get your bar exam results this fall, and get admitted to the bar. Be sure you understand what your state requires; most, but not all, states do require the MPRE but a few do not and a few will waive it if you got a high enough grade in your law school’s legal ethics course. Check your state’s bar admissions website for specifics and also consult the National Conference of Bar Examiners’ Bar Admission Guide.

You can also take the MPRE in August before the start of your final year of law school. It is offered annually in August, November and March. Many law students choose to take the MPRE in the same semester when they take the required course in legal ethics (at Emory Law, the course is Legal Profession).

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